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As everyone knows, THC is the main, active ingredient in cannabis and the thing that we all look for when it comes to choosing our cannabis. These days, it seems there are some new heroes in town, that we have all been overlooking for decades. They are called terpenes, and they are largely responsible for the distinctive smells and tastes of your favorite cannabis strains. Not only that – research is suggesting that these terpenes have a significant effect on your mood. Let’s take a closer look and find out more…

The personality of cannabis?

As it turns out, there are over 150 terpenes, such as terpineol, linalool, and pinene. According to science, they are are a huge part of the ‘fingerprint’ of cannabis – what is called its ‘chemotype.’ These terpenes play such an important role that scientists now believe that you need to know about them if you want to understand how the plant will affect you. It runs far deeper than the old indica vs. sativa conversation we all used to have.

For example, plants with a high blend of the terpene pinene can make you feel happier than other strains – as you can imagine, this type of high is incredibly popular with us in the biggest dispensary Vegas has to offer. On the other hand, high linalool or myrcene content can make you feel calm and relaxed.

How to tell if you have the right terpene

Given that cannabis can have such a diverse range of effects and you need to know what you are looking for, how can you spot the right strain?  Well, when you visit us in our Las Vegas Strip dispensary, you will find something interesting – it’s not about what you see. Although color can sometimes give an indication, it’s more about the smell for many of our customers.

For example, pinene is – as you might guess – present in the leaves of pine trees. So if your cannabis smells ‘piney’, there is a chance it will be good for lifting your mood. Linalool is related to lavender, so a lavender smell will indicate you will feel relaxed after consumption.

What’s interesting here is that many experienced cannabis users that visit our Las Vegas dispensary have always ‘used their nose’ when it comes to choosing the right herb. The only difference now is that we are starting to find out why that has always been such a successful tactic.

What are the terpenes?

Let’s take a look at some of the most common terpenes – and what they could be good for. Armed with this knowledge, you will be a step ahead of the rest when you pop by to our Las Vegas Strip dispensary.  


Limonene has a citrus smell and is great for elevating your mood and taking the edge off of your stress levels. It’s also known to have anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties as well as being a good antiseptic.


Myrcene is quite sedating and relaxing – and comes with an earthy, herbal fragrance. It’s anticarcinogenic and good for reducing inflammation.


As discussed above, linalool is noticeable for its lavender aroma and gives you relief from anxiety. Linalool is also a great antidepressant.


Pinene comes in two categories – a-pinene and b-pinene. Both smell like pine and can make you feel happy, alert, and energetic. It’s an anti-inflammatory antiseptic that you also find in rosemary and sage.


Caryophyllene is noticeable for its peppery, woody, spicy smell. It’s a great pain reliever, and helps fight cancer, inflammation and is an antiseptic.


Another pain reliever, humulene is also recognizable by its woody, earthy smell. According to research, it’s good for fighting tumors and can also be used as an appetite suppressant.

The Takeaway

As you can see, there are a vast array of different terpenes, and each of them produces remarkably different effects. So, the next time you hear someone going on about THC content like it was the most important factor to consider, you can afford to smile to yourself. Because actually, the award-winning strains of cannabis rarely ever have the highest THC count. But they do have terpenes in abundance – and that’s what we recommend our customers to look for.