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How many matches made in heaven can you think of? Apple and cinnamon? Long weekends and sleeping in? You and your lifelong partner?

How about cannabis and music?

Like many heavenly matches, you need to experience it at least once in your life before you’ll agree. Cannabis and music have a relationship that many people have witnessed, but might not completely understand. Not only does music make a good social setting for smoking cannabis with others, but your enhanced senses can help you appreciate music better and give you more pleasure when listening.

How Does THC Enhance Music?

THC, the chemical compound in cannabis that is responsible for the high, actually changes the way you listen to music. It doesn’t improve your listening and it doesn’t make the music better, but it does change the way that you perceive the sounds you’re listening to.

This is because THC has been documented to give the impression that you have more time. While it can make things seem slow or take longer to happen, the reality is that what you’re feeling is time expanding and giving you more time to appreciate the individual notes, melodies and percussion that you hear in a song. This is an internal experience that fundamentally changes the way you perceive music, and it’s possible due to the THC that is found in cannabis.

Music and Cannabis Have a History

Because THC enhances the way you perceive sounds, it has a rich history in the world of music that dates back to the emergence of jazz music in the 20th century. Pioneers of jazz were regular users of cannabis, and great names like Louis Armstrong were regulars that used it to enhance their music production.

Even modern artists such as Madonna, Miley Cyrus, and Justin Timberlake have admitted to using cannabis. Thanks to the accessibility, you could easily visit our cannabis Superstore and entertainment complex, smoke some in the comfort of your own home, and then see for yourself how different music sounds while you’re high.

So if you’re wondering if musicians have ever used cannabis to help them become more creative–now you know! It’s common among many artists and you’d be surprised at how helpful it can be at helping you create new music, come up with new ideas and ultimately make your music stand out from the rest. If used properly, cannabis can help you feel like you’re listening to your music for the very first time and give you a fresh take on what you’ve already made.

How Does Cannabis Affect Your Brain?

How cannabis affects your brain depends on the levels of THC and cannabidiol (CBD) in the strain. For example, the Medizin strains that you can find exclusively at Planet 13 are well-known in the music production world for affecting your mood and triggering a relaxing sensation that can help you produce music. Research also suggests that certain strains can prepare you to appreciate and understand different sensory experiences that will heighten your listening ability.

Cannabis has been hypothesized to have an effect on short-term memory, and this could be one of the reasons why listening to music while high can have such an impact on the way you perceive it. The high forces you to pay more attention to the music and register different senses and emotions at a different pace. It keeps you focused on the music from one note to another, and ultimately enhances your appreciation of a song.

Music Production and Cannabis

As mentioned before, cannabis has been a major component in music production. This is generally because sativa and sativa-dominant strains of cannabis provide a good balance of mellowing out your mood while also uplifting you. Of course, it does take a bit of experimentation to find the right strain that works best for you and enhances your listening power. You’ll find that this generally does take a bit of trial and error.

However, part of the fun is the personal experience you get from this journey. Check out our Cannabis Superstore located near the Las Vegas Strip and you’ll find that there are plenty of people that can give you recommendations on the strains they enjoy while listening to music.

So if you’re looking for a deeper experience to connect with music, you’ll want to give cannabis a try. It can enhance the way you listen to music and empower your senses so that you learn to appreciate even the most subtle nuances within each song, while also helping you produce more creative and expressive music.