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Here at Planet 13, we’re incredibly proud of everything we’ve achieved since opening our doors in 2018 and believe ourselves to be the premier cannabis dispensary near the Las Vegas strip and throughout the state of Nevada. Well, thanks to the highly respected team at Leafly, we officially are!

The accolade is yet another signal of the immense progress we’ve made and offers vindication for the unique approach we take to our dispensary and retail experience.

A Big Award To Celebrate The Success Of Our Story So Far

Leafly’s Best In State series was one of the largest to ever be compiled and celebrates the top cannabis dispensaries, products, and companies across various states. Given its unique relationship with the legalization of cannabis, along with the fact it is a state synonymous with entertainment, Nevada’s level of competition was arguably stronger than any other location.

While several awards were on offer, Planet 13 scooped the biggest award by being named the Best Overall Dispensary of 2018. This accolade is a major accomplishment in itself and is something that fills the entire team with immense pride. However, the fact that it came so early into our journey makes it a truly special moment in our short history.

In announcing the decision, Leafly declared of Planet 13: “in true Las Vegas style, it is a larger-than-life experience and beyond comparison to anything else on Earth”. We won’t argue with that analysis. After all, providing a breathtaking experience is a crucial part of what we do.

The Planet 13 Experience

Inside of Planet 13 Las VegasAt Planet 13, we are fully focused on being the greatest dispensary on the planet. We believe that this is a truly exciting time for marijuana users across America. Not only has the legalization of medicinal and recreational use led to an increase in popularity. It has additionally allowed manufacturers to push the boundaries by launching a wide range of new products. As a dispensary, we aim to set the bar higher than ever before.

We pride ourselves on being accessible to all. Our dispensary isn’t only geared towards providing Vegas residents with the premium quality CBD oils, cannabis, and cannabis consumables needed for medicinal and recreational use. Our goal of providing a truly immersive experience lies at the heart of our cannabis entertainment complex and is a concept that begins before you’ve even reached our doors.

The Planet 13 complex isn’t only the largest cannabis dispensary on the planet. It is additionally located in a prime position in which it can be seen from over 50,000 hotel rooms on the Vegas strip. Our nighttime electronic graffiti show is something that Leafly praised us for. However, this isn’t the only feature that grabs the attention as the venue is blessed with a powerful sound system, animated LED flooring, and dancing orbs.

The enthralling surroundings are one thing, but it’s our exceptional team of employees that provide the special ingredient. Their friendly attitude, exceptional insight, and eagerness to provide an entertaining and memorable experience. This is all presented in a comfortable setting that’s suitable for anybody aged 21 and over, including seniors that may be in the process of considering their first marijuana purchase.

Premium Grade Products At Affordable Prices

Planet 13 is much more than a dispensary and thrives on being a wonderful attraction for residents and visitors alike. Nonetheless, we’d be nothing without the ability to provide customers with the best marijuana products on the market.

We stock a wide selection of wonderful cannabis products from some of the biggest and best manufacturers on the market. Whether consuming on-site or buying (with the right licenses) for home consumption, the quality of products on offer is key to making us the Overall Best Vegas Dispensary according to Leafly and many other authorities in the field.

Better still, our products are provided at great prices and can be purchased in very small amounts for those wishing to try new products. Whether it’s for pain relief, other medicinal reasons, or pure recreation, there’s something for everyone at Planet 13.

Come See What The Fuss Is About!

Whether you’re a Las Vegas resident or a visitor; a regular cannabis user or new to the concept, cannabis love you to come and pay us a visit today. The immersive experience is sure to put a smile on your face even if you decide not to buy or try any of the products from our eclectic range of consumables and oils.

Once you’ve visited, you’ll agree that we are the best Vegas dispensary by far.