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*Mike Tyson’s newest cannabis company is Tyson 2.0 which offers a variety of products including his personal favorite strains and other cannabis products. You can find these at Planet 13 Las Vegas Dispensary.

“If you’re going to do it, you’d better do it big”, Mike Tyson said it best!

If you haven’t heard yet, on Thursday, April 4th, Mike Tyson publicly announced on Jimmy Kimmel that his cannabis venture, Tyson Ranch, has partnered with Planet 13 to be the exclusive launch partner in Nevada.  He told Jimmy Kimmel, “If you’re going to do it, you’d better do it big”, which we couldn’t agree more! What better place to launch a new brand than the world’s greatest dispensary?

This also includes an appearance by ‘Iron Mike’ at the Planet 13 Cannabis Entertainment Complex and Superstore. Tyson Ranch products will be exclusively available on Superstore shelves on April 13th, with Mike Tyson attending the launch offering autographs, pictures, and raffling memorabilia and prizes for Planet 13 customers.

“With thousands of consumers and cannabis aficionados from all over the world coming through our doors every single day, the Planet 13 Cannabis Entertainment Complex offers brand companies a unique venue to launch their brands and rapidly build a national and global reputation. We are honored that Mr. Tyson has chosen the Planet 13 SuperStore for the Nevada launch of Tyson Ranch and appreciate the opportunity to be the exclusive launch partner for this widely anticipated brand, in Nevada,” said Bob Groesbeck, Co-CEO of Planet 13. “With our Phase II expansion underway, we expect the SuperStore’s national and global reputation to continue to accelerate, making Planet 13 the perfect place to build a nationwide brand.”

The Tyson Ranch team consists of professionals with over 100+ years of collective industry experience with deep love, respect, and appreciation for the cannabis plant. Tyson Ranch focuses on exotic genetics to ensure quality and premium cannabis products.  All Tyson Ranch products are indoor cultivated, hand trimmed, and 100% pesticide-free.

Mike Tyson, the founder of Tyson Ranch, exclaimed, “Tyson Ranch is all about going the extra step to offer truly great cannabis. The Planet 13 Cannabis Entertainment Complex offers customers an ultra-premium cannabis experience that dovetails perfectly with Tyson Ranch’s belief that not all cannabis is created equal.”

Are you ready to experience ‘Better Cannabis’? Then don’t forget to join us on April 13th 3-6PM for the exclusive launch of Tyson Ranch products at Planet 13. Starting at 3PM, you can purchase Tyson Ranch products inside our dispensary and have the chance to meet the legend himself at 4PM. Customers who spend $150 pre-tax will be eligible to have Tyson Ranch + Planet 13 posters.

Stay up-to-date on the Tyson Ranch launch by visiting our Instagram page!