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Almost every day, people all over the world head out to work and stop off at their favorite coffee shop for a hit of energy – caffeine is as much a psychoactive substance as cannabis, and yet your favorite vanilla-flavored grande latte isn’t getting the same attention as cannabis does. You could drink multiple coffee’s every day, and no one will notice or care. However, if you decided to enjoy infused brownies or cannabis cookies, you’re more likely to be judged harshly by your peers.

Why is this? Well, the main answer to this is fear. Cannabis has been a taboo topic for years, with a bad stigma attached to its name, but when it comes down to it, it isn’t much more than a plant. Wait, don’t coffee beans come from plants…? They sure do.

The problem is image. Coffee comes in all manner of flavor combinations in pretty, biodegradable cups. It’s acceptable to knock back espresso when you need a hit of energy, but it’s not until recently that cannabis has been marketed so attractively. Cannabis now comes with as many flavors, and types as does coffee, but it’s been years of miss guided information that has made people think that cannabis is way more harmful than its lead to be. To understand how cannabis and coffee differ, we have to strip back the opinions and work out whether cannabis is just a harmless way to relax – just like coffee.

Hi Coffee, How’s That Midday Energy Slump?

How often have you bought your morning coffee, perked up for the day and then by around lunch, you’re lagging? There’s nothing worse than that sluggish feeling, but hey, another cup of Joe and you’re right back out there killing your task list. Until the next energy slump. And the next. Caffeine has the power to super boost your energy, but it has just as much ability to bring you back down with a bump.

On the flipside, cannabis will not leave you feeling slumped and out of energy. In fact, you may actually feel more relaxed when the effects wear off. When you purchase from a cannabis superstore and entertainment complex, you are buying a product that was designed to mellow you out long term, to give you a gentle hit of energy that doesn’t get snatched away in a few hours, leaving you craving sleep.

Caffeine stops you from processing the chemicals that make you feel tired, and when that wears off all the exhaustion it was holding back, crashes into you, making you tired. However, cannabis won’t cause a crash.

“Coffee Will Make You Lazy.” Said No One Ever.

The common misconception about cannabis is that you will be too lazy to do anything. You’ll get high and get the munchies, and that your day has been wasted by succumbing to the couch and TV. In reality, you’ll feel lighter on your feet and more confident, and the right strain of cannabis may make you focus better, be more create and provide you that lasting energy you need.

There’s no crashing headache like with coffee. You may have been told that coffee will help you to concentrate, that it will make you more productive. Well, how productive are you when you’re crashing and in need of a nap? It’s not the cannabis that’ll make you lazy, so that’s yet another myth debunked. However some strains are purposely bought for the sole purpose to sleep.

Cannabis Has Way Worse After-Effects Than Coffee?

But it doesn’t, and anyone saying so does it out of that fear we mentioned earlier. Caffeine withdrawal is not pretty; with jitters and nausea and anger and SO MUCH NAP TIME REQUIRED. People will say to you that they cannot function without coffee, we’ve all heard someone say ‘Don’t speak to me until I’ve had my coffee!” and this is now acceptable. Replace coffee for cannabis, and they’ll try to convince you that you have a problem. Insert eye roll here. Stopping cannabis is much easier on the body, with most people reporting that they don’t feel a craving for it afterward.

Natural Medicine

Coffee may make you feel wound up and wired and unable to sleep, but cannabis can help to relieve the effects of pain, headaches, and depression. It can help you to feel human again, something much-needed among those who have chronic pain conditions.

Cannabis is a natural way to do what a cup of coffee can in a way that won’t harm you in the end. Planet 13 has over 50 strains of cannabis for you to choose from, which can change your morning routine for good.