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Self-care is such a big part of everyone’s daily routine. As we are all a lot more aware of our own mental health and the ways we can improve it, so many are now following self-care tips to try to improve how we unwind and relax in the evening. Not only may this help to reduce stress and prevent certain symptoms of mental health disorders, it can also help us to enjoy a better night’s sleep too. So, even if you don’t have any issues with your mental health, it’s still worth following some great self-care tips so that you can calm your mind after a busy day in the office and benefit from better sleep.

If you love to focus on your self-care routine, have you ever considered adding cannabis to it? Cannabis has been seen to potentially be a great relaxant, and if you include it into your nightly routine you may be able to unwind a lot better. Here are some ways you can start to use cannabis right now.

Enjoy Cannabis Chocolates

If you are a regular at your local cannabis dispensary, you will already be very aware that there are various edibles that you can buy. There are the typical thought off brownies and cookies, but did you also know that chocolates with cannabis in them are also popular too? If you have a sweet tooth then we are sure you will love these chocolates when you get a craving for some sugar. They will also be the perfect addition to a quiet evening in.

Infused Tea

Is there anything more relaxing than a hot cup of tea in the evening? Not that we can think of! Have you ever thought of enjoying some cannabis-infused tea? If you sip on infused tea,  you may feel your mind and body start to slowly feel very relaxed. By the time you go up to bed, it may only be moments until you fall asleep.

Bath Salts

Another popular way to relax is with a bath. If you add some bubbles or bath salts, then you’ve set yourself up with a very chilled hour. Why just stick with regular bath salts when you can now buy some cannabis-infused ones?! The warm water will help to soothe your aching muscles, and the THC that is found in the plant may also help with relieving any inflammation that you might have been troubled with. Why not try some cannabis-infused bath salts next time you get in the tub to see how they can help you unwind?

Marijuana Topicals

Not everyone wants to get high when they use cannabis. If you are one of those individuals, then you might like the idea of using some topicals. Instead of smoking or ingesting them, though, you simply apply them to your skin. If you spend all of your days at work on your feet, then you might want to soothe them in the evening by massaging with a cannabis topical. Some people also find that applying a topical to their temples may help reduce headaches and migraine symptoms.

Use Cannabis With Lavender

Lavender is known for its relaxing properties. Many people find that using lavender can really help them sleep better each night. If you love lavender, why not try using it alongside some cannabis? There are now a few products that combine the two. For instance, if you visit your dispensary, you might see that they sell topicals that are infused with both lavender and cannabis. Or ask your budtender for strains high in linalool, the terpene found in both lavender and certain cannabis strains.

Relax With A Smoke

A late-night smoke could be all you need to feel a lot more chilled out and ready for sleep. Of course, you don’t want to get too high, so it’s best to stick to a smaller dose or a 1:1 ratio with CBD. This will be a great way to help your mind slow down after a hectic and busy day. If you listen to a zen playlist, then you can really forget about all the stress of the day.

It’s really easy to start adding cannabis to your evening self-care routine. Once you do, you will be able to enjoy a very relaxing night. It’ll certainly beat a boring old movie night!