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There are many different varieties of cannabis concentrates that can be picked up in the best cannabis dispensary in Las Vegas. Before you adventure into the greatest dispensary near the strip, it can help to know what concentrates are and how you can benefit from them. We’re going to explore concentrates, focus on shatter and talk about the colors, varieties, and textures you can expect!

What Is A Concentrate?

There are many ways to enjoy cannabis, and concentrates are one of them. A marijuana concentrate is the extracted material that contains only the parts of the cannabis plant that contain cannabinoids and terpenes. This includes the cannabinoid profile that has THC and CBD alongside the terpene profiles. Terpenes are what contribute to the scent and flavor of the strain. Terpenes, according to studies of the compounds, shown that they may have positive effects. The way that the concentrate is extracted ends up determining the color and texture, and when it comes to shatter, you’ll have a pure form of cannabis.

So, What’s Shatter?

Shatter is a brittle material (as it can “shatter”) and it comes in shades of amber and gold. It’s easy for buyers to use while maintaining its aroma and flavor. Its look is flawless, like amber glass, and it’s known for being one of the purest concentrates around. While it can have a translucent and flawless beauty, this doesn’t make it a high-quality product; that’s down to something else entirely. 

When shatter comes out perfectly clear (albeit gold or amber in color), this is to do with the molecules that form a “glassy” appearance when they are left alone to set. Other things that can affect the texture include heat, high terpene content, and moisture.

What Is The “Best” Concentrate Texture?

That’s a trick question. It’s very easy to be intimidated by the choices of concentrate out there, but realistically, some can be very similar. The physical look of a concentrate doesn’t make a difference to the quality as its does with the handling and process. We mentioned the glassy qualities of shatter earlier, but really, it doesn’t matter if your concentrate looks holey or lumpy, it works the same way, and you still get the best effects.

Is There A “Best” Color To Look For?

You can find concentrates that are pure gold, absolute black and even luminous yellow. The color can sometimes be determined from the flower the concentrate is being extracted from. A darker flower may result in a darker shatter. You should never turn up at a dispensary and dismiss a product due to color, especially if you’re told the clearer it is, the purer it is. It’s not the case! The color of the concentrate does not equal quality.  So, the best thing that you can do is ask one of our budtenders at the greatest dispensary in Vegas and get their “concentrated” opinion. They can help you find a high-quality product based on your preference and need.

What Products Should I Look Out For?

We’ve mentioned Medizin Shatter and Trendi Shatter before for the fact that there is a huge range of shatter to pick from. With flavors from Sherbert to Purple Champagne, you’ll find plenty to choose from for your shatter concentrate. You need to select the shatter that works for your needs, and you can do this with the help of Planet 13, the cannabis entertainment complex in Las Vegas.


You can never judge a book by its cover, but ideally, you have a clearer idea on the color of shatter and what it really means. It can help you out with which shatter you should buy for your next purchase. At least now we’ve hopefully debunked some myths and made it a much simpler choice.