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Choosing to use cannabis can be a process. It’s not a case of just picking anything off the shelf and waiting to see how it will affect you. Understanding how you want to feel and spend your high is key. You need to have a good idea of what each method of consumption will do for you, and you need to keep in mind your personal reaction to getting high. No two people act the same when they have access to cannabis, and one of the most interesting facts about cannabis is how it can affect people in different ways. Some people love the effects of the high, the relaxed feeling they get, and how fun life seems to look through cannabis-tinted glasses. Others aren’t a fan and it reacts differently, making them feel paranoid and worried, anxious about the world around them. 

There are some very personal feelings going on when it comes to consuming cannabis, and there are a few outside factors that will influence the way that your body reacts to cannabis. You could ask several different smokers what their favorite strains are for smoking, and you’ll get different answers. It’s a matter of taste and experience when it comes to what influences the consumer. Some prefer an elevated high from their experience, whereas others like to be mellow. There are a lot of things that go into the decision behind choosing each strain, and here are several factors that affect your cannabis high.

The Method

The way you consume cannabis matters for the experience, and when you head to a Las Vegas dispensary, you need to enquire about your options. Edibles take a little longer to produce an effect, but they do have a high that lasts longer than a pre-roll or hit from a vape pen. Using a vape pen and dabs can be much harder for a newbie user to handle as the high is very difficult to manage when you’re not used to it. Speak to a budtender at a Planet 13 and lean into the different ways to consume before you do.

The Dosage

The dose of cannabis that you consume is going to be a very big deal, and it’s easy to mistake whether you are using too much or too little. The amount you need to get the result you want will vary, which is why it’s so important to start slow and do your research first!

Your Tolerance

This is something so personal, and it changes from user to user. How experienced you are with cannabis will give you an idea of how well you will take to it. If you’re going to try it for the first time, you need to go with smaller doses to test your own tolerance. Just because you’re the same height and weight as your best friend, doesn’t mean that you’ll have the same experience.

The Setting

It is so important to have the right setting in which to take cannabis. For newbies, being in a safe space with friends is so essential in case you need help or reassurance. Having some at a party may be common, but it will depend on your personal comfort how your cannabis experience pans out.

The Type

There are a variety of products in different forms, as you know, and your experience and personality will factor into which type of cannabis you want to take. Someone who suffers from anxiety would probably prefer to stay away from sativa dominant strains, as there is a chance they would be more paranoid. Then again, someone who wants to get over a hangover may choose to go with CBD instead of something testing high in THC, as the CBD may help with their symptoms.

Your Diet

Are you well hydrated? Have you eaten today? These things will contribute to the reaction that you have when consuming cannabis for the first time. Don’t be fooled into thinking that you don’t need to be careful about your body the day you choose to use cannabis. If you are on an empty stomach, for example, it’s likely to hit you harder and faster than if you had just eaten. 

Cannabis affects different people in different ways, and the best thing that you can do is be informed before you consume. Take a look through Planet 13’s, the greatest Las Vegas dispensary, options and be sure to ask your budtender all about the differences of strains, concentrates, edibles and more – because knowledge is power.