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The doors to a cannabis entertainment complex like nothing the world has seen before will soon be open! Planet 13 is the best Vegas dispensary in the world and has been designed to provide a one of a kind experience to those interested in visiting while in Las Vegas. 

In March 2019, construction began to expand our complex by 14,000 square ft to create a one-of-a-kind production facility that would be located within the boundaries of the Planet 13 Cannabis Entertainment Complex. The facility is being built to account for a rapidly growing demand for both Trendi concentrate vape lines and Planet 13’s own Medizin line. With the expansion, we are excited to not only expand our concentrate lines but other additional brands and products.

This is where a number of exclusive Medizin strains will be created including Million Dollar Baby, Cassius, and Chloe. Providing various levels of potency and potential effects, these are some of the most popular strains on the market today. 

What Makes Planet 13’s Production Facility Different?

While there are other production facilities, there is nothing quite like this Las Vegas strip dispensary. The biggest dispensary Vegas can offer will soon provide a completely immersive experience to customers eager to make the trip. When they visit, customers will be able to watch through the 115 feet of customer-facing windows to see exactly what happens behind the scenes and see your favorite strains created. It is here that visitors will be able to discover how individual products are created and get a first-hand experience of the full production process, something that has never been done before

The entertainment venue will go further by providing interactive kiosks using the latest innovative technology as well. Through this option, users will be able to learn more about how their favorite product is created on a more in-depth level. 

Ultimately, this provides Planet 13 with a powerful branding opportunity as there is nothing else like this anywhere in the world. It will not only give you the best informative and insightful encounter but a refreshingly new understanding of how your favorite strains are cared for, developed, and designed for you.

Humbling Beginnings

Planet 13 originally began as a small business and was actually only a 5000 square ft shop when it entered the industry. The shop itself was once devoted to only selling medicinal cannabis. Today, of course, the market has changed and there is now an unfaded demand for cannabis that can be used for recreational use. Last year, the business has relocated near the Las Vegas Strip and set up the 112,000 square ft facility. Even without the new production facility, the site is still a marvel to behold with a beautiful giant red planet water feature that greets patrons, gorgeous floral sculptures on the roof, and a 3D Projection visual experience just to name a few. The entire aesthetic of the area reflects the brand as a luxurious, modern, business ready to cater to the needs of a growing industry. Checking in is like visiting one of the best theme parks in the world with a wide range of exciting activities hidden inside. 

The Biggest Dispensary Vegas Has Seen

It’s difficult to overstate how large the dispensary and entertainment complex will be once it is finished. The state-of-the-art production facility will use the latest robotics to process 600 lbs of plant biomass every day once full production begins. This will mean that the production output for Planet 13 will increase by an incredible 1,300%. This alone makes it worth taking a trip to the dispensary to witness how this will be accomplished and what will be involved. 

Why Is The Expansion Happening?

There are multiple reasons why Planet 13 is opening the new production facility. As well as adding a fresh entertainment option, the company is striving to keep up with a growing demand for both Trendi and Medizin vapes and concentrates. Both tend to sell out fast and the new facility will ensure the business can keep ahead of the surges in demand. 

As well as this, the production facility will allow the company to introduce a wide range of diverse products to the market. This includes gummies, beverages and chocolates. The way people buy and consume luxury cannabis products is constantly in flux. Planet 13 is keen to ensure that they are staying ahead of the curve and consistently providing what users want. 

When Will The Production Facility Be Complete?

The new production facility including the viewing area is currently set for completion within the third quarter of 2019. Planet 13 has won awards due to our unique level of innovation and our presence in one of the largest entertainment capitals in the world. At Planet 13, the mission has always been to build a global brand that is recognizable and ahead of the curve. With the new production facility, the business is certainly taking exciting new steps to achieve this. Check back for up-to-date news on the completion of Phase II and more exciting announcements!