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Are you planning a weekend in Las Vegas? Also known as America’s playground, Vegas is a fantastic place to explore and there is a range of different fun and thrilling activities to engage in. Here are the top five attractions that you can not afford to miss on your trip!

1. Big Thrills

Perhaps you are keen to get your blood pumping while you are in Vegas. There’s plenty of incredible activities for daredevils, including the Adenturedome. Here you will be able to explore heart-pounding roller coasters and the chance to get experience 4 g’s on the Sling Shot. You can even bungee jump in the dark! There’s Ziplines too and with so many to choose from it’s hard to find the best options. However, we’d definitely start with Slotzilla to zip away from the front of a giant slot machine found at Fremont Street Experience!

2. Fremont Street

There’s so much to do in downtown Vegas, it’s difficult to know where to begin. You can get started by visiting the Golden Nugget. Here you will discover a 200,000 gallon shark tank. If getting close to the window isn’t enough for you, there’s also a thirty-foot water slide.

It’s here that you can also see Vegas Vic, the iconic neon-lit cowboy sign that you have no doubt noticed in countless movies. You can also discover Viva Vision, the world’s biggest video screen that has 12 million LED lights stretching 90 feet over the Fremont Street Experience. The screen plays everything from holiday-themed videos to events and even rock bands. Visually, it’s absolutely magnificent and well worth exploring as a sheer tech marvel. There’s also the Downtown Container Park too. This is a place for wining, dining, and shopping in over 40 shipping containers, making it a unique environment.

3. The Strip

This is the home of the ‘Welcome to Las Vegas’ sign and it’s also where you will be able to watch the Fountains of Bellagio. The water reaches 450 ft into the air in an impressive display that is difficult to compare. They go off every fifteen minutes through the weekend so you won’t have to wait long to see them in action. 

You will be able to visit 45 different casinos, just on the strip, so the fun never has to end!

4. The Neon Museum

If you didn’t know, there are a lot of art exhibits and museums around Vegas. This is definitely one of the most unique with 200 neon signs in the ‘Boneyard.’ These tell the incredible history of Vegas and you can explore them yourself in a guided tour that lasts just one hour. The signs date all the way back to the rat pack era and it is a truly delightful experience. 

5. Planet 13

Finally, if you weren’t aware, recreational cannabis is legal in Nevada! Planet 13 isn’t just the largest Marijuana dispensary in the state, it’s a complete entertainment experience and venue. That’s why countless tourists are thrilled to be able to explore what lies inside. It’s basically the adult equivalent of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory brought to life and yes, you can get edibles here. 

Of course, the dispensary is impressive before you even get inside. There are massive LED lotus flowers on the roof and an outdoor water feature out front. The flowers can be controlled by the visitors themselves as fascinating pieces of interactive art. These aren’t the only interactive experiences available. There is a full LED floor and a 3D projection, which displays images on the ceiling of the dispensary. It’s ultimately an impressive feast for the senses. 

You can also buy everything from flower, concentrates, and edibles here when you arrive. Just be aware that while Las Vegas is a recreational state you can only consume cannabis in a private residence. They are not permitted for use inside the Vegas hotels. 

As well as being an incredibly interactive experience, the dispensary often welcomes celebrities too. That means that meet and greets are available and you’ll never know who you will be able to rub shoulders with. 

You will also be able to explore the plans for Phase II. Planet 13 is already the number one rated dispensary in all of Nevada and it’s about to get even greater. Big plans are on the horizon for an in house bistro and cafe. As well as this, the company is also planning a customer-facing production facility. You will be able to see how products are made through 115 feet of glass windows. So if you’re fascinated by the production of individual products, this is definitely the place to learn. 

With Planet 13, this isn’t just a place for cannabis lovers. Anyone fascinated by this industry or keen to explore modern art is sure to love taking a trip to this incredible location in Vegas.