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Are you thinking about enjoying a cannabis-themed deluxe picnic for fall? While summer is nearly over, fall is the perfect time to indulge in this type of picnic and enjoy some great time outside. You can elevate your picnic by including some cannabis-infused products which will go perfectly with some fall delicacies. Edibles may make your picnic more relaxing stress-free and indeed enjoyable. So, let’s explore the best way to set up this deluxe picnic.

Where Should You Hold It?

It’s important to note that while cannabis is legal for recreational use in some states, it is not legal for use in a public place. In Nevada, there are fines of up to $600 for a first offense if you are caught using somewhere like a public park. That’s why it’s worth making sure that you are planning to hold your picnic with friends or family members on your own property. A front lawn or back yard will be the perfect spot for this type of activity and you can still enjoy the outdoors. You should also make sure that products with cannabis are only available for those over 21. 

Delicious Fall Foods 

You need to make sure you have some tasty food options for your fall picnic that can be laid out on some blankets and throw pillows. A charcuterie board is a fantastic choice here and provides great variety for your picnic. It’s also quite filling. Make sure that you have two different cured slices of meat like prosciutto and salami as well as some cheeses. For instance, prosciutto and manchego go together beautifully. If you’re looking for a cheese that everyone will enjoy consider a triple cream brie. Goat cheese is also a great choice particularly if you have some crusty bread. Make sure you also include a range of sides including dried apricots and olives. You could also consider adding a fall salad with roasted pecans.

Sweet Tooth

You might have a sweet tooth and if so, then you’re certainly in luck. There are plenty of sugary infused cannabis products that you can include in your cannabis-themed fall picnic. An example of this would be chocolate caramel cookie square VERT Edible. These taste absolutely delicious and are the perfect dessert to have on the menu. Make sure to break into single doses for your guests.

For the main dessert, baked goods are definitely the best option and apple-based desserts are clearly the way to go. Apple crumbles are easy to prepare and can be made the morning before. Of course, you can also ensure that everyone brings their own pie so there is plenty to share. Pumpkin pie is another fantastic option for fall. 

For infused sweets, chocolate is the way to go. We recommend the Glace mini BonBons are perfect. Just remember that while these products taste absolutely incredible they are infused with cannabis. As such, you need to make sure that you don’t consume too much at once. 

Chocolate Chip cookies from Korova are a good choice for this reason. These miniature style cookies will provide a nice little kick without you needing to worry about overindulging. 

For those with extra sweet tooths try having extra non-infused treats ready so no one gets too high.


You can also consider an infused sparkling punch. Adding a dose of Dixie’s sparkling Wildberry Lemonade to a premixed punch will provide a delightfully refreshing taste and be the perfect way to round off the evening. 

Alternatively, you might be looking to warm up as the sun begins to set. There are some great choices for hot drinks including a warm apple cider or hot chocolate.

Or, another option for fall would be mulled wine. You just need to remember that alcohol will elevate THC levels in your blood and provide a stronger impact so try sipping on this after your high has subsided.

Of course, if you want another cannabis-infused product, then you can try Honey Green Tea. Available in five different flavors this cold brew from Just Society could be the perfect way to continue your fall-themed high. 

Fruity Flavors

Last but not least if you want to add fruity flavors to your picnic then there are plenty of cannabis-infused products that fit the bill. For instance, Gummies from Wyld provide a range of different fruity flavors from pomegranate to peach and huckleberry. As such, they could be the perfect zesty, after picnic treat. 

We hope this helps you plan the ultimate picnic for you and your friends. With cannabis-infused products, you’ll be elevating your luxury picnic experience. It can certainly make relaxing with your friends a more interesting experience.