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It’s not every day that you get to walk into a cannabis dispensary and find yourself in the midst of some of the most exciting vape hardware on the market, but that’s precisely what’s going down at Planet 13. 

Planet 13 is partnering with leading vaporizer manufacturer and vendor PAX to give you the chance to experience the company’s vaping products up close and personal at our new PAX Bar. Here you can check out the vaporizers, learn how they work, and even get custom engravings on products like the PAX Era battery. 

The new PAX Bar at Planet 13 is the first of its kind in a flagship store experience. While many dispensaries offer pop-up booths that open for a few hours a day, the Planet 13 version will be a permanent feature, enabling shoppers to get to know more about PAX products whenever they happen to be in-store. 

Until now, PAX had only done pop-up engravings at dispensaries and special events, but the PAX Bar at Planet 13 will be a permanent base for the company. You’ll be able to come along to the dispensary during opening hours, go up to the bar, and get an engraving on your PAX battery, customizing it however you like.

PAX makes a variety of technologically sophisticated vaporizers in beautiful, refined packages. The company focuses on creating high-quality products that customers are proud to own. We sell the PAX Era battery – a beautiful, refined product that makes vaping a joy. Thanks to the new PAX Bar at our Las Vegas dispensary, you can modify your battery and get up to date on the latest news and information at the same time. 

PAX emphasizes knowledge too, just like Planet 13, teaching its customers about cannabis oil, cannabis grinders, the difference between hash and other forms of cannabis and much, much more. If you’ve got any questions about vaporizers, marijuana, or CBD, then the PAX Bar is the place to be. PAX reps at Planet 13 are more than happy to answer all of your PAX questions and help you vape safe. 

The PAX Bar is thoughtfully designed to enhance your experience. The front of the bar features two beautiful PAX logos and vending areas where you can order customizable engravings and view an assortment of the company’s products. 

PAX decided to partner with us because of our status as the greatest dispensary in Vegas. We have one of the largest dispensaries in the city and offer all types of cannabis products to the growing local and tourist market. More than 85 percent of people who visit our store are from out of state. As such, they often have questions about the type of devices that they should use and what they can vape with them. We see the PAX Bar as a resource for people who want to know more about how to use cannabis and which products are right for them.

Yet Another Reason To Visit Planet 13

Planet 13 has been a popular cannabis entertainment complex since opening. We attract more than 3,000 people per day all keen to browse our aisles and get to know our product. The new PAX Bar is just one more reason for people to come and visit our store.

It made a lot of sense for Planet 13 to team up with PAX. We are both committed to the principles of quality, knowledge, atmosphere, and safety. PAX puts enormous effort into developing its vape products and focuses heavily on making sure that they are both beautiful and easy-to-use.

PAX is also committed to sharing knowledge about cannabis products – something that we’ve been doing since our inception. With PAX by our side, you’re now able to get even more information about a range of cannabis hardware and products. 

Join Us At The PAX Bar Here At Planet 13

It’s not often that you find a cannabis dispensary that offers so many amenities. With Planet 13 and PAX, you can customize your PAX batteries, learn more about products at the new bar, and hang out with people who love cannabis and vape products just as much as you do. Planet 13 has a family feel: our sales reps, partners, and customers are all passionate about the potential benefits of cannabis and want to share them with you.

If you want to join in the fun and get a customizable engraving for your PAX battery, then come and join us at Planet 13 soon. We welcome locals and tourists alike.