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Two cannabis compounds, CBD and THC, get the lion’s share of media coverage, but the cannabis plant, like practically every other plant species, is a collection of hundreds, if not thousands, of individual compounds. Researchers believe that CBD, or cannabidiol, and the closely-related THC, are responsible for many of the medicinal and psychotropic effects of the plant, but they do not have a monopoly. 

What Is CBN?

CBN, like CBD, is a cannabinoid. It is a chemical in the cannabis plant that can interact with the body’s cannabinoid system – a series of receptors scattered throughout the brain and nerve cell tissues. Just like CBD, CBN may be able to modify these receptors in beneficial ways, improving wellbeing. 

CBN is a byproduct of the oxidation and decomposition of THC – the potent, psychoactive compound in cannabis. Researchers believe that CBN may be slightly more psychoactive than CBD, but far less than THC. Current estimates suggest that CBN is about ten percent as strong as THC, meaning that if you were to try to get high using it, you’d need a massive dose. 

CBN hasn’t received as much attention as CBD, mainly because it appears to have fewer interactions with the body’s central nervous system. This finding, however, could be an artifact of the way that science has progressed. Researchers haven’t yet identified many CBN-brain interactions because they haven’t been conducting as many studies, which goes to show that more research is needed.

What CBN Might Be Useful For

While the research on CBN is limited, there’s growing evidence that, like CBD, it might be able to treat a range of conditions, here’s what researchers are saying so far

Combating Insomnia

There’s evidence, for example, that both CBD and CBN may be able to help people fall asleep more easily. Anecdotal reports suggest that CBN has a sedating effect, and makes you feel relaxed before bed. Unlike traditional sleeping pills, users of the compound report feeling more alert the morning after bedtime consumption. 

Stimulating Appetite

Research also indicates that CBN may be able to stimulate the appetite. Researchers gave CBN to rats and found that those on the compound increased their daily calorie consumption versus controls. You can imagine that this might be helpful in a variety of contexts.

Fighting Infection

Many people live with what researchers call “high bacterial load.” While the body contains many trillions of health-promoting bacteria, it can also harbor harmful species, like strep and MRSA. Interestingly, there is data to suggest that CBN might be able to fight MRSA that, so far, appears to be resistant to practically all known antibiotics. 


One of the reasons some scientists are so excited about CBN is its anticonvulsive properties. There’s already good evidence to suggest that CBD helps people who have epilepsy. Now CBN may also offer protection against seizures too. 

Is CBN Legal?

Because CBN is psychoactive and comes from THC, you might imagine that there are more legal issues than with regular CBD, but that’s not the case. The 2018 Farm Bill delisted CBD and hemp from the list of banned substances. You can derive CBN from hemp, so there are no legal issues regarding its consumption. 

Is CBN Safe? 

As with any compound, natural or artificial, it’s vital to know whether it’s safe before using it.

If you plan on using CBN, it’s worth doing your own research on the cannabinoid and speaking to a professional or your doctor. Although typically harmless, most cannabinoids have some side-effects if consumed in large doses. Too much of CBN may make users feel tired, drowsy, and potentially dizzy. These are rather mild side-effects with large doses, but it is more difficult to find cannabis products with large quantities of CBN in them. Most products with CBN offer only a small percentage compared to the total cannabinoid profile. 

Finally, if you are planning on using CBN, it’s vital that you only use trusted labels and suppliers. At our dispensary near Las Vegas, we supply only licensed cannabis products from official growers and processors.

CBN: The Bottom Line

It’s likely that over the coming decades, science will reveal the true extent of the benefits of CBN on the human body. Until then, we will have to wait and see. The early evidence indicates that it has a similar effect on the body as CBD, but it could prove to be a powerful therapy in its own right. Only time will tell. 

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