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How many partnerships can you think of that were consider some of the greatest of all time? Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak? Penn and Teller? Laurel and Hardy? 

However you slice it, great partnerships are rare. That’s why Planet 13 is so excited to announce its new partnership with Cannabition – a match made in cannabis heaven. 

Cannabition was an immersive, cannabis-themed museum located in downtown Las Vegas, but they are now partnering with us to open a new museum inside the Planet 13 Superstore Complex. The purpose of the partnership is to open up a whole new world for cannabis lovers, providing insight into the fascinating history of the plant and what makes it so unique. 

Cannabis Heaven: Everything You Ever Wanted All Under One Roof

When you think about it, there aren’t many places that you can go in Las Vegas for a complete cannabis experience. Sure, you can buy products from a dispensary, but it’s not a fundamentally different experience from going to the mall. You’re still shopping in a retail environment. 

Planet 13 doesn’t believe in this traditional approach. While we’re an official dispensary, we like to think of ourselves more of a cannabis entertainment and education complex, helping you to learn more about the fascinating properties of the plant. We’re more than just a Las Vegas Strip dispensary. 

Why do we do this? We realized a long time ago the people new to the cannabis market needed more knowledge. Navigating all the products and knowing what to buy is a challenge. We, therefore, decided to build education into everything we do. The partnership with Cannabition, therefore, is a natural extension of what we’re all about and our core values. 

Cannabition 2.0 At Planet 13

The planned Cannabition 2.0 at Planet 13 is an impressive complex and will be built right here in our premises, the biggest dispensary in Vegas. There will be private booths, a bar, artwork, and plenty of opportunities to find out more about cannabis products, both past, and present. There will even be a slide in the shape of a tongue that plunges into a pool of mock cannabis leaves. We’ve designed the space to feel utterly unique. As you enter the museum, you’ll experience beautiful interior design, stylish artwork, and cannabis exhibits in a similar style as the original Cannabition. 

The original Cannabition museum was a 10,500 square foot showroom with more than twenty exhibits. The founders of that museum wanted to create an interactive and immersive experience for visitors. When we found out about this, we soon realized how Cannabition would be the perfect partner for Planet 13. Just like them, we want to create something profound. Our goal is to create a “cannabis-based” experience that makes a trip to our Las Vegas dispensary something exciting and unique, not just another trip to the store. 

The Cannabition museum area will provide you with practically everything you could want from a day out. Now, with the multiple additions to Planet 13, you will be able to check out the cafe, grab a slice of pizza, take some selfies inside the soon-to-be museum, and buy all your favorite cannabis products all under one roof. What’s more, you can learn something about our present cannabis culture and why it’s been such a revolution in the lives of so many.

So, how big will Cannabition 2.0 be? Plans right now are for a 7,000 square foot space across two levels. The ground level will feature seating, a bar, and other amenities. The first-floor balcony will overlook the ground floor and host space for the featured exhibits around the edge. The final opening date of Cannabition 2.0 is set for the second quarter of 2020, although this is subject to change depending on the speed of development. 

Join Us For An Immersive Cannabis Experience At Planet 13 Today

At Planet 13, it’s our goal to be nothing short of the premier cannabis destination in the world. The new partnership with Cannabition is a part of our commitment to that goal. 

Cannabis is fundamentally different from any other product on the market. It’s medicinal uses, history, and current legal status mean that informing buyers is a top priority. The partnership with Cannabition and the construction of a second museum is a part of our ongoing goal to educate customers and ensure that people are informed (and have a little fun too). The addition of the new museum space will utterly transform what it means to go to a dispensary. 

Thousands of people visit our cannabis entertainment complex every day. If you’re a local or just visiting Las Vegas, come and join us today to experience it for yourself.