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While over half of Americans have smoked pot at least once, that still leaves a large percentage who have yet to try it. And if you’ve only smoked cannabis from before legalization you should know that cannabis from a dispensary offers a very different experience and quality.

Never been to the cannabis dispensary? You’re in luck — it’s a great experience, where you can get your cannabis questions answered and walk out with the perfect product. However, like with all new experiences, it can also feel intimidating. 

In this guide, we’ll give you what you need to succeed at the dispensary. Read on to learn the basic dispensary etiquette tips you should know. 

What is a Marijuana Dispensary?

If you’re in a state where cannabis is legal, you’ll buy it from a dispensary. These official shops are the only places licensed to sell cannabis products legally and safely. At Planet 13, you can either purchase in-store or online for at-home delivery.  

In many ways, it’s a good thing. Buying from a dispensary means you benefit from a commitment to quality made by the stores and their brands as well as an informative, caring service that’s personal to you.

When you buy cannabis from unlicensed places or people, it’s hard to be sure about what you’re getting and the quality of that product. But at a dispensary, each product is clearly labeled to help you make the right choice. Plus, the staff is there to answer your questions about what they sell to help educate and keep you at ease. 

Planet 13 welcomes both medical and recreational patients, however, if you aren’t able to visit Planet 13 at this time, you’ll need to make sure recreational cannabis, not just medical marijuana, is legal in your state. Otherwise, you’ll need to get a medical card before you can shop. 

What Can You Buy at a Dispensary?

Planet 13 provides all kinds of different products and strains of marijuana. Some offer potent highs, while others have mild effects. Some affect your mind, while others have powerful effects on the body.

In addition to the usual cannabis flower, you can buy lots of other things at the dispensary too, such as edibles and concentrates.

You can even expect to find CBD products, which don’t get you high but offer lots of medical benefits. These might range from, gummies, lotions, tinctures, and even bath bombs. 

As well as all the products to consume you can also find other mementos, glassware to smoke out of, cannabis-themed merch, and more. You might find it all too easy to get swept up in all the action in Las Vegas’ largest dispensary. 

Etiquette for the Cannabis Dispensary

If you’ve never been, don’t worry too much — it’s just like going to any other specialty boutique. You can think of visiting the dispensary as similar to visiting a brewery to pick up some craft beer or a cheese shop to find the perfect appetizer, some even say it’s like an Apple store.

Of course, Planet 13 is unique in many ways; take the beautiful giant interactive lotus flowers or the aerial orb show. There is even an LED interactive floor, and so much more but we’d hate to ruin any surprises. Just follow these tips and you’ll navigate the dispensary with no trouble.  

Come with Cash

Since marijuana isn’t legal federally, you’ll need to buy in cash.

If you don’t carry cash or unable to get some before your stop; no worries as Planet 13 has ATMs you can use. Remember to be generous to yourself, with so many amazing and unseen products; you wouldn’t want a limit.

Make a List

If you have been before, or have checked out our online menu previous to arrival and know what it is you’d like, it’s a good idea to make a list.

Not only does it help you out by saving time if you’re in a rush or need to get certain products. It is also helpful to the budtender to understand your exact needs so if you would like a recommendation you have provided a baseline. Dispensaries can quickly overwhelm you with options. Come prepared with a list of what you’re looking for, so you can stay on track and ask the staff the right questions. You typically can’t return marijuana products, so take the time to buy what you like. 

Be Realistic About Your Experience

When shopping for marijuana products, it’s important to be realistic, and not try to buy something that’s more than you need.

You don’t need to be a heavy smoker to visit a dispensary. The staff won’t judge you for being a newbie, or inexperienced. In fact, they can do a better job of helping you pick something good if they know your true experience level.

For example, if you’ve only tried cannabis once before and didn’t like it because of paranoia tell the staff. They can help point you to a strain that will work better for you that will induce further calming effects.

Bring Your ID

Like alcohol, you have to be over 21 to legally buy cannabis. If you don’t have your ID, we can’t let you shop at the dispensary.

Your driver’s license or your passport are safe choices for your ID. If you’re in a medical dispensary, have your medical marijuana card handy too. Have these things ready to be checked when you walk in.

Ask Questions

The staff is there to help you, so use their expertise!

Ask all of the questions you have — or at least the ones that Google can’t answer. Take the time to get the answers you want, there are no silly questions! 

These basics will help you enjoy your time at the cannabis dispensary, every time. For the best results, you should also pick the best dispensary to visit.

Luckily, we have a comprehensive menu. You can spend some time browsing the options before you visit to see if we have what you want. We hope to see you soon at Planet 13!