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The potential benefits of cannabis consumption remain a relatively new concept to many inexperienced consumers. Here at Planet 13 cannabis entertainment complex, we are often asked if it could aid athletic performance.

While nobody is suggesting that cannabis will turn you into the next Tom Brady or LeBron James, there is an interesting discussion to be had. After all, cannabis and the immune system has become a hot talking point, so it makes sense that the links with sporting performance would be discussed too. So, let’s take a closer look.

What Type Of Cannabis May Help Athletes?

As the largest cannabis dispensary in Las Vegas, we meet customers with varying levels of understanding and experience of cannabis. Without going into too much detail, the main cannabinoids found on the cannabis plant are THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (Cannabidiol). 

While they share a number of common attributes, the key difference is that THC is the psychoactive compound, which means it will get you high. Naturally, that’s the last thing any athlete needs. Therefore, if you are planning to use cannabis products for athletic performance, it’s likely that you will choose CBD products.

Depending on the situation, you may want to use edibles, topicals, and oils. Some of the most suitable products include;

  • Planet M Orange Crème [10pk] (100mg CBD) edible
  • Planet M Coconut & Lime (100mg CBD) bath bomb
  • Planet M ISO (1000mg CBD) tincture

Of course, you will need to partner with the best Vegas dispensary on the market too. Before rushing in, though, you should familiarize yourself with the potential benefits to your athletic performance.

The Links Between CBD & Athletic Performance

People have championed the possible benefits of CBD for athletes for many years. However, scientific and clinical research is still in its infancy. This fact should be noted by anyone looking to find out how CBD may help their sporting performances.

There are five areas where proposed benefits may have an impact. They include the following: 

Injury Recovery

CBD and cannabis products are commonly praised for their anti-inflammation properties. It is, therefore, suggested that topicals and other items can be used for localized treatment in the early stages of post-injury recovery. Most tellingly, scientifics show that it may promote physiological, biochemical, and psychological effects that support tissue recovery.

Increased Energy

Fatigue is a major issue for athletes. However, thousands of people take CBD to promote improved sleep patterns. This could mean using bath bombs, eating edibles, or using a CBD oil diffuser. If any of those steps can improve an athlete’s quality of sleep, there is every reason to believe it could boost energy levels and aid physical performance. 

Reduced Anxiety

From gummies to drinks, a lot of customers visit the Planet 13 Cannabis Entertainment Complex to find CBD edibles that can reduce social anxiety on the go. Athletes regularly complain about anxiety prior to big matches or events. A quick small dosage of CBD could potentially remove those fears, allowing athletes to perform their best without fear or anxiety.

Reduced Gastrointestinal (GI) Stress

GI tract problems are very common among athletes because high physical activity levels can impact the delivery of nutrients and oxygen. CBD’s potential to restore the intestines, as well as tissue damage reduction, may reverse the damage caused by the extreme levels of activity. In turn, this may boost athletic performance and general health.

Bone Health

Healthy bones are essential for all professional and casual athletes. CBD properties are proposed to alleviate pain by increasing the availability of energy as well as bone deposition. In turn, the bones may heal quicker from injuries while also feeling at reduced threat from trauma caused by sporting collisions. It is suggested it may even speed up fracture recoveries.

In addition to this, CBD could offer a placebo effect that could improve performance. 

What Else Should You Consider?

If you believe that CBD can benefit any aspect of your athletic performance, you must ensure that you find the right products, which is why you should partner with the biggest dispensary Vegas has to offer at Planet 13 Las Vegas

However, professional athletes should also be aware of the strict anti-doping rules and regulations that may rule cannabis an off-limits drug. It may seem a little baffling when you consider the plethora of nutritional supplements that are readily used in sporting circles, but nonetheless, it is an issue that should be respected.

To learn more about CBD and athletic performance, including which products to consider or to place an order, call our experienced staff at Planet 13 cannabis entertainment complex for all your needs today! You can visit in-store or we can assist you with curbside pick-up or delivery.