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If you’re someone who consumes cannabis on a regular basis, then you may be wondering whether you can develop a tolerance to cannabis or not. Does the effect that you experience each time you consume cannabis dull slightly over time, or will you continue to have the same experience, regardless of how much and how often you consume it? Well, if you’re interested in knowing the answers to these questions, then read on!

What is cannabis-tolerance and what does it mean?

Cannabis-tolerance is described as having a diminished experience when it comes to the effects that THC has on the body. This is seen in both the intoxicating effects, as well as the therapeutic ones. It might mean that in order for you to achieve the same original effect you had the very first time you consumed cannabis, that you have to increase your dosage overtime to maintain that same effect. This would mean that your body has built up a tolerance to cannabis. Whether you consume cannabis in the form of edibles, pre-rolls, flower, vapes, or concentrates, cannabis-tolerance is something that can form over time.

So how does a cannabis-tolerance work?

Gorilla Glue Cannabis

While a cannabis-tolerance can happen, it’s still worth understanding how it happens from a scientific point of view. What are the changes that have happened in your body in order to need a higher dosage? THC is something that makes a consumer feel high when it binds to their CB1 receptors. Interestingly, these CB1 receptors (otherwise known as cannabinoid receptors) only have a limited capacity. This means that if receiving a consistent and high-level amount of THC, the receptors become impaired and therefore need higher concentrations of cannabis in order to produce the same effects as before.

This can be frustrating for those who regularly use cannabis, in any form, as it can sometimes ruin or affect the experience. It’s also worth noting that effects can vary when it comes to the development of a tolerance to cannabis. For some, it might happen fairly quickly, but for others, it may take a longer amount of time to build up. This may be down to each individual’s receptor density and how often that individual uses cannabis. The higher concentration of THC you take can also influence how quickly you might form a tolerance to it.

How can you reset a cannabis-tolerance?

Many might feel that forming a tolerance to cannabis can often be permanent or hard to get rid of, however, there are ways that you can reset this tolerance. Here are a few things worth trying if you believe you’ve developed a tolerance to cannabis in any form.

Try Microdosing

Microdosing is something worth considering when it comes to resetting cannabis-tolerance because it doesn’t mean you have to stop. Instead, you take very small amounts of cannabis at regular intervals on a set schedule. Using the smallest doses possible, can help reduce the tolerance but will still enable you to experience the therapeutic effects of taking cannabis. Microdosing may be helpful in trying to lower your tolerance to cannabis.

Take a Break

It’s often suggested that to lower your tolerance to cannabis, you should quit cold-turkey and abstain from using it for a minimum of 48 hours. This may help reduce the effects of cannabis on your body, but if you consume high levels of THC regularly, you may have to go longer than 48 hours without using cannabis to reduce your cannabis-tolerance. Taking a break may certainly help to reduce your tolerance.

It’s worth noting that there can be some side effects when consuming high levels of cannabis and could also be a good reason to reduce the tolerance. Some common side effects from using high levels of THC may include paranoia and feeling uncomfortable. No matter the method you choose to reduce your consumption of cannabis, be sure to stick to low doses and slowly build up from there. 

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