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It’s no secret that the cannabis industry is gaining increasing traction. As more and more places across the world make it legal to consume the plant for medical purposes, researchers are finally getting the chance to take a deeper look into cannabis and the benefits it could have for health in the future. Of course, though, it’s unlikely that hospitals are going to start handing out pre-rolls anytime soon. It’s more likely that cannabis will be less stigmatized in the future and recommended to take a microdose or try ultra low-dosing. 

What Is Ultra-Low Dosing?

People have been experimenting with dosing for many years, with many substances having wildly different effects on your body depending on the quantity that you consume. To understand how low ultra-low dosing really works, it’s worth taking a look at a regular dose. A 2019 study looking at potency found the mean Δ9-THC concentration in cannabis to be about 17.1% in the US and Europe. Having a dose at around a tenth of this strength (1.71%) would be considered a low dose, while a tenth of that (0.171%) would be considered ultra-low. Unfortunately, there isn’t a strict definition in place for this, and this means that companies may choose their own naming schemes.

What Are The Benefits Of Ultra-Low Dosing?

In the case of cannabis, there is a range of different benefits that users will experience when they choose to try ultra-low dosing. These benefits are mostly medicinal, and this sort of option probably won’t appeal to those who use cannabis recreationally, but it’s still worth considering them, even if you’re an avid user already.

  • Avoiding The High: Many countries have already made ultra-low THC cannabis legal, with France’s 0.6% THC options proving to be extremely popular amongst those who want to experience the benefits of cannabis without getting high. This will be crucial for mainstream medical treatments that people will need to take before going to work.
  • Different Effects: As shown with many other substances used in medicine, the dosage can change the effect a chemical has on a person’s body. In the case of cannabis, this has the potential to enable people to fight conditions like PTSD without any noticeable physical effects. This wouldn’t be possible with a full-sized dose.
  • Preciseness: Many of the modern medicines people use have been specially formulated to make sure that exactly the right amounts of each ingredient is used. Ultra-low dosing gives you the chance to control your cannabis consumption like never before, enabling it to be treated like a medicinal product.
  • Tolerance Building: Like many of the substances you can use to make yourself feel different, you will build a strong tolerance to cannabis if you’re consuming it on a regular basis without thinking about the dosage. Consuming smaller amounts will make it harder to build tolerance. This is a good thing so you won’t require high amounts of THC to get the desired effects.

Getting Started With Ultra-Low Dosing

Whether you want to try ultra-low dosing to help with a medical condition or simply want to see what it’s like to consume less cannabis, Planet 13 in Las Vegas can help. Starting this journey can be difficult, and you’re going to need the right products to do it. We stock a wide range of edibles and concentrates that can be used to control your dosage far more effectively than is possible with cannabis flower. Of course, though, there is more to getting your dosing right than buying the right products.

Our dedicated team of cannabis experts and enthusiasts have a wealth of experience to draw from when you’re looking to start ultra-low dosing. They will be more than happy to talk about your options and the tools that can be used to help you, along with providing resources and information that can help you to understand the benefits of these methods. Everyone likes to use cannabis differently, but you can still learn from others when you’re first getting started.

Planet 13 is the world’s largest cannabis entertainment complex, with in-store, curbside pickup and delivery services available along with a prime location close to the Las Vegas strip. We encourage anyone who is considering ultra-low dosing options to talk to our friendly team and kickstart the process today.