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As the world’s largest cannabis dispensary and entertainment complex, Planet 13’s team of passionate cannabis dispensary staff know more than a thing or two about great products – not least when it comes to edibles!

Whether you’re looking for something on the go, or to get you through the challenge of working from home Planet 13 Las Vegas has got you covered. Our staff have picked out five favorites that we’re sure you’ll absolutely love.

Mystery Berry Sour Gummies by Haha Edibles

Our Mystery Berry sour gummies from HaHa Edibles are a great choice for small groups in recreational settings because they guarantee laughter with every bite. The surprise tang of each sour gummy also ensures that each experience is fresh and exciting.

The 10mg of THC per gummy makes them quite potent, meaning you only need one bite! They’ll satisfy your sweet tooth and provide the desired effect, not to mention a smile.

Simply Salted Toffee Chocolate Bar by Dreamland Chocolates

Dreamland Chocolates manufactures a range of amazing cannabis chocolate bars, but our budtenders are loving the Simply Salted Toffee bar at the moment! It packs a decent punch and is the perfect treat for the winter season. 

It has a deliciously rich taste with a toffee flavor balanced with salty rock crystals to satisfy savory chocolate cravings with each piece. Each variety of Dreamland Chocolates in this range is made with hand-selected ingredients here in Vegas and  it shows.

Sour Belts Gummies by Just Edibles

The Sour Belts gummies from Just Edibles deliver a much smaller hit of cannabis with just 5mg per gummy. This makes them ideal for those who microdose or when you need to relax just a bit, such as when you feel anxious on-the-go. 

Similarly, the assorted fruity flavors are a nice after-dinner treat that will help your mind and body relax in preparation for sleep. Moreover, the sour taste isn’t overpowering which is a positive.

White Chocolate & Raspberry Bar by Dreamland Chocolates

Another Dreamland Chocolates favorite is the White Chocolate and Radiant Raspberry bar. A THC volume of 10mg per square makes this hybrid a great option when you want to control your dosage with ease.

The combination of delectable white chocolate and real raspberry pieces combined with premium cannabis oil will ensure a brilliantly relaxed experience, making it one of our favorite edibles by far.

Orange Sparkling Water by Haha Beverages

HaHa Edibles doesn’t only make gummies, they also tasty beverages to wash them down with! This range of sparkling waters will allow you to stay hydrated when consuming cannabis while controlling your dose. Therefore, we think it’s a great option for new cannabis users.

We love the refreshing citrus tastes of the Orange sparkling water. It’s an ideal way to give yourself an energy boost with a refreshing feeling!

To learn more about all of the premium edibles available at the best Vegas dispensary, get in touch with our staff today at the Planet 13 Las Vegas dispensary for all your cannabis needs. Visit us in-store or order online for curbside pick-up or delivery!