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In this current situation, where many people are finding themselves working from home, it’s important to remain focused, but that’s not always possible. Your home environment isn’t like your work one, and so there are likely to be more distractions present as a result. cannabis may be helpful in maintaining your focus when it comes to certain compounds found in cannabis itself. 

That being said, here are some helpful tips to stay on track while working from home with cannabis.

Using Cannabis When Working From Home

The popularity of using cannabis when working from home suggests it may be worth your while, one reason could be because it provides the same effect without necessarily feeling lethargic. When it comes to cannabis strains, it all depends on your own preferences and what type of work you’re doing. Being productive is important, and that means you want to ensure you have the energy needed to complete the work. It might mean that you aim for something that provides more of a heady effect, rather than something that’s going to relax you. 

The type of cannabis you have is also important due to how it’s consumed. Some may take longer to kick in than others, whether that’s through inhalation or consumption through edibles. It might be that in order to be productive, you research microdosing so that you can enjoy the benefits without making yourself counter-productive.

What To Look For in Cannabis Strains

The dosage is an important factor when it comes to working from home because you don’t want to hinder your productivity. If anything, you simply want to enhance it where possible to get the work done. Using too much cannabis may result in you wanting to hit the hay rather than rush to meet a fast-approaching deadline.

That being said, it’s worth trying out a lower dosage when choosing the type of cannabis you consume. A lower dose has been known to provide you with more energy than you would have without it. Being productive can be hard when working from home, especially when the days start to blur into one. That’s why it’s always good to opt for a lower dosage, even if you don’t necessarily feel the effects to begin with.

If you don’t know where to start, then look for higher levels of terpenes in the cannabis products that you pick. Why? Well, terpenes carry the smell, taste, and effect of said cannabis. So if you want to get the most out of your work, you should be looking out for this. 

Limonene may provide therapeutic properties, and it’s something that you can also find in citrus fruits. Any therapeutic properties could be helpful in relieving stress. That’s why choosing strains with energizing or stress-relieving effects are useful on more days stressful than others. It’s also believed that terpenes help focus our minds, which can often wander or become distracted when working from home.

Pinene is another terpene that could aid in working from home as it’s known to help the user stay alert. This is another necessity when you’re working and you need to remain productive. Being alert helps keep your attention to detail in check, and it may also help with memory functions. That can be great if you have a busy schedule!

How It May Benefit Your General Wellbeing

Cannabis may certainly be able to offer a lot of benefits to help remain focused and concentrated on whatever work you may have to complete. However, there is more research to be done. It may be that cannabis can help you remain focused because it helps in diminishing anything else that’s preoccupying your mind and body at the time. The less physical or mental pain you feel is likely going to help you stay focused on the work in question. However, there’s no guarantee that this has been proven or that it will help increase your motivation to work.

It may also be good for soothing anxiety, which in some work-orientated scenarios, could be very helpful.

Knowing Your Limits

When it comes to cannabis and using it for work improvement and productivity, it’s important to know what you’re used to and what your limits are. The last thing you want to do is take too much and really mess up your work routine. It could also be something that could get you in trouble if you’re not careful. So knowing your limits and what your body can take is important. If you’ve never taken cannabis before, you will want to do a test run before committing during a workday.

Even though you might get used to such a small dose, it’s best not to go beyond what you’re taking as it might just have the opposite effect. Stick to the low dosage rule where possible so that you’re not pushing yourself to a point where you might end up just feeling tired.

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