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Among cannabis patients and recreational users, it is well-known that at least one prevalent pop-culture rumor about cannabis is true – it can stimulate appetite very well! In fact, that’s one of the primary reasons why many people consume cannabis, in order to boost their appetite. However, most consumers tend to experience the munchies when they are unprepared and may compromise on their dietary plans with snack items to satisfy their cravings if healthier options are not readily available. 

One way to make your munchie session healthier is by trying to create a balanced diet for yourself. It’s possible to consume cannabis and maintain a healthy diet at the same time with your munchie snack choices. All you have to do is replace your regular snacks with more nutritious munchies!

Healthier Alternatives For the Munchies

To ensure that you achieve your health and wellness goals, we have put together some excellent snacks that can fulfill your appetite when you get a case of the munchies.

Take a look at our snack choices below:

Try Fresh Fruits

If you have a sweet tooth and search for candies when consuming cannabis, fruits can be a great healthier alternative. From mangoes, to apples and oranges, or any other seasonal fruit, you’ll find that all of them are rich with terpenes, vitamins, fiber, antioxidants, and natural sugars. 

You can pack your kitchen with fresh fruits or a store frozen version to make blended smoothies! Regardless of the form, fruits are able to provide delicious and nutritious amounts of the daily value you need from food. It’s just an added bonus that fruits can also help supplement the vitamins you might be lacking.  

Go For Mixed Nuts 

Nuts are the perfect snack to help you satisfy your appetite for something savory and healthy at the same time. Nuts are enriched with fiber, omega fatty acids, and vitamin B6 that are incredible for circulatory and neural health. 

Furthermore, medical marijuana doctors suggest that some nuts can further stimulate the endocannabinoid system and may level up your overall cannabis experience. 

Divine Dark Chocolates 

Unlike the usual milk or white chocolate, dark chocolate comprises 72% cocoa making it a healthier chocolate snack option than your usual chocolate bar. Enriched with terpenes and antioxidants, cocoa possesses compounds that may also activate CB1 receptors. Dark chocolate might be the ultimate healthy treat to help satisfy your craving and stick to your wellness plan at the same time.

Quench Your Cravings with Fresh Vegetables & Hummus Dipping  

Not all those consuming cannabis have sweet cravings, and so you might choose fresh vegetables seasoned with all the right flavors, spices with a side of hummus instead of chocolates and fruits. 

Most fresh and green vegetables are enriched with antioxidants and fiber which may improve your cardiac health. You can also add to flavor by dipping your favorite crunchy vegetables into a tasty hummus dip.

Relieve Your Cravings with a Meal Instead of Snacks 

Munchies often get associated with general snacking. Such as chips, popcorn, sodas, and more not-so-healthy options that aren’t ideal for everyone to consume every day. But, your perfect munchie is whatever is right for you! So, instead of satisfying your cannabis-stimulated appetite with snacks, you can always choose to have a healthy meal.

To achieve the goal of making something healthy and satisfying, try to cut down on fats and devise a protein or carbs based meal. For instance, organic chicken and vegetables cooked with yummy-smelling spices. Your go-to meal to fight the munchies is simple and delicious! 

What if cooking is not your preferred way to relax after a long day?

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Other Ways to Deal with Munchies  

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The goal of healthy snacking is to try to decrease the effect of the munchies. Different cannabis strains may have a different effect on the user depending on the potency of the strain, but what has been observed is that strains with a higher quantity of CBD are known to have less impactful effects when it comes to actually getting the munchies. So if you want to cut out snacking all together take a look at the CBD amount the next time you go strain shopping!

Additionally, exercising before consuming cannabis can offset the high-calorie intake you may experience afterward. Not only will exercising burn calories but it will also help you achieve your fitness goals and get you in shape. Making sure you stay hydrated is another great option to combat the munchies!

Final Thoughts 

The above-mentioned healthy alternatives to your average munchie options might prove to be your go-to snacks when you consume cannabis. They are enriched with vitamins, fiber, nutrients, and antioxidants which can contribute to a healthier system and overall wellness in general. 
However, the best route to maintaining reaching wellness goals or getting in shape alongside cannabis consumption is to curate a calorie budget with an adequate allowance for when you do experience the munchies and keep healthier snacks on hand. That way you’re prepared and can enjoy your experience every time! If you have questions on where to find munchie-decreasing high CBD strains or any cannabis question reach out to our knowledgeable and experienced staff at Planet 13 Las Vegas! We’re open 9:00am-1:00am and you can visit us in-store or order online and find out more about our curbside pickup and delivery options.