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The previous year has been significantly stressful for many reasons outside most people’s control. We have been locked inside our homes, distanced from our friends and family members, and have continued on with making the world work each day while living with the fear of possibly contracting COVID-19. 

The anxiety and stress are real. 

As we enter a new decade and welcome 2021, we realize that things may not go back to normal just yet. We are still living with the fact that there are many unknowns when it comes to the COVID-19 virus. Even though most of us can now leave our homes (with masks of course), we’re still bound to maintain a safe social distance from our fellow citizens, family and friends to take precaution. Additionally, it’s no secret that the pandemic has also negatively impacted the world’s economy.

Of all of the ways to deal with this anxiety and stress, cannabis is a good option to consider.

A recent study conducted by the University of New Mexico has revealed that cannabis consumption can significantly alleviate stress and anxiety. A further experiment was conducted to verify the previous outcomes. 

It was published in the Journal of Cannabis Research and stated, “Except for the few cannabis consumers who felt an increased patch of anxiety, most participants felt a robust stress reduction soon after consuming cannabis (specifically, tetrahydrocannabinol or THC).” Therefore, THC is recognized to have a strong correlation with stress relief,  making cannabis a sound choice for stress reduction. However, if you’re wondering how to best use cannabis for combatting stress, we’ve got you covered!

Top Tips to Treat Your Stress with Cannabis

Let’s explore some tips that may help you destress with cannabis.

Begin with Finding the Right Dosage: As you begin to consume cannabis for stress reduction, it might take you some time to find your perfect dosage. The key is to play around with varying dose quantities and land on a dosage that suits you and your body’s needs best. When you’re suffering from a stressful day, microdosing an amount around 5mg could prove to be helpful with relaxing!

However, in order to sleep off the stress of a long tiring day, you could try to increase the dose amount to help promote a more restful sleep. Increasing your dosage is typically easy to do when using a cannabis vape that is less concentrated. You can find a large selection of quality vapes to choose from at Planet 13, a cannabis dispensary near the Las Vegas strip. 

Get Your Hands on CBD: Although using THC can lead to stress relief,  CBD can also help with stress and anxiety. Amongst the 60 widespread compounds found in the cannabis plant, CBD is widely known for its beneficial properties for both medical and recreational purposes. 

If you’re using cannabis for stress reduction, you can mix it with a cannabis strain that contains a high amount of CBD to help balance any effects from the THC. Whether you choose cannabis  flower, oil or vapes, CBD has the potential to make them all your go-to stress relievers.

There is a range of cannabis products with adequate CBD percentages available at Planet 13, the largest cannabis dispensary in Las Vegas. Browse the premium products featured in the entertainment complex online or in-person and take the first step towards managing your stressors.

Find A Strain That Suits You Best: Consuming cannabis for recreational purposes can differ from the way you consume it for stress reduction. Even though most cannabis products have the potential to decrease your stress levels, picking the strain which suits you best is essential. A study discovered that, “89.3% of the total sessions showcased massive stress reduction, 3.2% of the sessions ended showing increased stress, while the remaining 7.5% of the sessions resulted in no change.” 

An experiment tracked the impact of 12,000 different cannabis sessions on stress and discovered that, “strains with higher percentages of THC and CBD are good stress-relievers and indicas have more relaxing properties in comparison to sativas.” Concluding that initially, you must try different products to find your perfect stress-relieving strain.

Know Your Terpenes: Aromatic oils known as terpenes are found in almost all plants, and cannabis is no different. Terpenes are known to determine how powerful or effective a particular strain is. Thus, to relieve your stress, consuming strains with a higher proportion of myrcene and linalool seems to be a good choice. However, an increased dose of myrcene might cause sedative impacts in the long run, so the best practice is to know your terpenes, their effects and consume cannabis products that include terpenes that suit you best.

Top Cannabis Strains to Relieve Your Stress

Now that you know how to manage your stress and anxiety using cannabis in these difficult times, it’s time to get your hands on a few top cannabis products available at Planet 13, the best Vegas dispensary in town.

Here are some strain options to help you relieve stress: 

Blue Dream: A fusion of haze with blueberries, Blue Dream is a perfect choice that may help  relieve stress due to  a higher than usual THC content.

Flo: The elegant and unconventional cannabis vapes from Leaf and Vine are made with quality strains like Flo, an incredible stress-reliever that has a higher CBD concentration.

Jack Herer: Infused with a combination of the best cannabis flowers and a higher THC percentage, Jack Herer pre-rolls have the potential to help shrug off your stress within no time.

Durban Poison: This premium quality cannabis concentrate from Trendi contains an adequate level of potency that may help reduce your stress.

OG Kush: Organically grown and always in-demand, OG Kush has just the right balance of THC and CBD infused that may help produce a notable reduction in your stress.

Final Thoughts 

Cannabis, when used properly, can help combat stress effectively. The products listed above are good-to-go if you’re a newbie searching for your perfect cannabis strains and dosage. You can also get these products delivered right to your door by placing an online order at Planet 13. We have fantastic in-store, curbside pickup and delivery services to offer. 

Visit Planet 13 today for the best cannabis experience in Las Vegas!