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Just like flowers, and heart-shaped chocolates, cannabis may also be on your loved one’s preferred Valentine’s wish list. Cannabis-infused products have rightly begun to flood the market every year in February. 

To determine which of the following sweet cannabis products will make the perfect gift for your better half, it is important to think about what your sweetheart will enjoy the most from the list. Whether you’re coupled up, hanging with your Galentine’s over Zoom, or will be spending Valentine’s Day treating yourself, we have the perfect cannabis product for you! 

To help you find the perfect one, we have put together a list of our favorite cannabis products available at Planet 13, the best Vegas dispensary, that can help take your Valentine’s Day gift-giving to the next level. 

Cannabis-Infused Products To Perfectly Complement Your Valentine’s Day

Read on to find the sweetest gifts for you or significant other this year!

White Chocolate with Radiant Raspberries by Dreamland Chocolates 

The White Chocolate with Radiant Raspberries bar by Dreamland Chocolates is the perfect Valentine’s treat without any doubt! These squares of bliss are perfect for sharing on a romantic evening with your Valentine or for treating yourself! The delectable fusion of chocolate and raspberries will delight your taste buds. Apart from the luscious white chocolate and raspberry, the bar is composed of, each Dreamland Chocolates is also infused with premium quality cannabis oil, which is ideal for igniting the romantic spark on Valentine’s Day. Find your favorite Dreamland Chocolates at Planet 13, the closest dispensary near the Las Vegas strip. 

Medizin Flower 

Medizin is a pioneer in cultivating cannabis and producing top-shelf, quality products – and only the best will do for Valentine’s Day. Be it the Medizin extracts collection or the exquisite vapes, each Medizin product is a great choice for your partner this Valentine’s. 

Browse some of Medizin’s finest strains like Hawaiian Butterscotch and OGKB 2.0., the top favorites from the extracts collection, while Mango Kush and Blueberry Syrup top the list from the vape collection. All these fan-favorites can be easily found at Planet 13, the biggest Las Vegas dispensary in town.

HaHa Gummies

If you’re spending the day catering to your own self-care and would rather avoid the sight of couples being lovey-dovey on Instagram, HaHa Gummies have got your back. Haha Gummies offer you a range of exciting flavors from blueberry, pineapple, mango, watermelon, fruit punch, and mystery berry. A flavor for every mood and laugh infused with every bite.  Each of them are capable of providing you with a euphoric effect to enhance however you celebrate Valentine’s Day, your way!

Find the widest selection of flavors at Planet 13, the best dispensary near Las Vegas.  

Trendi Extracts  

What’s better than elevating your mood with a premium product while celebrating love this Valentine’s Day? The short answer: nothing! 

Trendi has introduced a line of premium extracts ranging from sauces to resin badders, live resin cartridges, and everything in between that will serve as the most thoughtful gift for your significant other who is looking to stay on-trend!

Additionally, Trendi extracts are produced in delicious flavors to suit your taste buds and can be easily found at Planet 13, a Las Vegas dispensary. 

An Delicious Mexican-Inspired Meal

Last but not least, you can also celebrate this Valentine’s Day by treating your loved one to a divine meal from Trece Eatery + Spirits, the award-winning restaurant located in the entertainment complex at Planet 13. Visit Trece in-person for unmatched customer service or enhance your meal at home by ordering-in some upscale dishes with Grubhub. Be it a date with your partner or you’re celebrating Valentine’s alone this year, everyone deserves a delicious, romantic meal. 

Final Thoughts

There are many cannabis-infused premium products that can elevate your Valentine’s Day this year! Whether you’re celebrating alone or with your partner, add a new element to the night with help from Planet 13. 

All of the premium cannabis products listed above are the best option to help create a relaxing and romantic atmosphere to enjoy this special holiday. So, treat your partners with a tried-and-true favorite or pamper yourself with yours! Visit Planet 13 today for our in-store services or use curbside pickup, and delivery to grab the sweet gifts offered at Planet 13. 

Visit our website today and make the most of what we offer!