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The Pax Era Pro vaporizer is one of the newest additions to the selection at Planet 13 Las Vegas Entertainment Complex. Planet 13 is pleased to include the new Pax Era Pro in our inventory at the largest cannabis dispensary in the world.

The vaporizer boasts increased transparency for its users and comes equipped with a host of improvements. When you visit the Planet 13 Superstore to browse the selection of new Pax pods, you can use the smartphone application to view all of the information about the pod’s strain once it is inserted into the Pax Era Pro. This new feature gives you all the important information at your fingertips, so you can rest assured that you know and understand what’s in each pod immediately. 

The Pax Era Pro uses cartridges that are embedded with a near-field communication tag. This is called PodID, and each cartridge has a unique tag. When a cartridge is placed inside the vape, you can use the Pax smartphone app to access its detailed information. This information includes: 

  • Strain Information
  • Potency
  • Flavor Profiles 
  • Oil Content
  • Producer Information
  • State-Regulated Test Results

The new PodID technology enables the creators of the pod to include information with a recommended temperature setting that helps to eliminate the guesswork of searching for the perfect temperature that will result in the best experience of the pod. However, the Pax Era Pro still allows users to override the setting and choose their own to customize the experience. The brand new setting is then saved to the pod for future use. 

The Pax Era vape was released in 2016 and its popular design led to the new and improved version – the Pax Era Pro. 

In comparison, the new Pax Era Pro features closed-loop temperature and on-demand draw control along with a much longer battery life and an improved Bluetooth range by nearly 50% than the original Era. The Pax Era Pro is rechargeable through USB-C and the design has been streamlined to make it easier to fit in pockets, with sleek rounded off edges.

The Pax Era Pro has also been designed with durability in mind. The plastic base and hampered edges make it more modern. The pods snap in with ease and the draw is fast. Although the Pax Era Pro starts at a higher price point than its predecessor, the modern features and new technological advances it includes could mean that it’s worth the upgrade. 

With more predictability, potency, and control than ever before the all-new Pax Era Pro cannabis oil vaporizer features an attractive and sleek design that perfectly fits in the palm of your hand. It is now available at the biggest dispensary in Vegas, the Planet 13 Superstore & Entertainment Complex. This modern vaporizer’s advanced memory settings and new technology were produced to elevate and customize the vaping experience. The availability of pods varies by market, but at a top-tier Vegas dispensary like Planet 13 there is a wide variety of options to choose from. 

You can find these products at Planet 13 and may order them at your convenience through curbside pick-up, delivery or by visiting us in-store. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the knowledgeable staff and get in touch with Planet 13 Las Vegas for all your cannabis needs today.