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Do you love the taste of cherry? ?

When it comes to buying cannabis, flavor matters. After all, if you don’t like how your flower tastes, it can make wanting to smoke it difficult.

That’s why more and more cannabis users are making flavor (thanks to terpenes) a top priority while they shop. Cherry strains are some of the most requested options on the market today.  

How do you know which one is right for you? Well, if you’re shopping for that perfect cherry strain and not sure where to start, this is your guide.

We’ll walk you through each strain’s lineage, flavor profile, predicted effects, and suggested dosage. Plus, we’ll hook you up with a few product suggestions, too!

Keep reading to learn more about our five favorite palate-pleasing strains, perfect for cherry flavor fanatics. 

? Find Your Favorite Cherry Strain ?

If you’re new to the cannabis scene, no worries. With a few tips on etiquette and this article as your guide, you’ll be ready to visit a dispensary in no time.

Keep in mind that cherry strains of cannabis get their fruity taste from selective breeding, not added chemicals or artificial flavors. Every flower in our top five is an indica or hybrid.

If you prefer a super-sweet candy-like cherry taste or the strong uplifting effects of a sativa high, opt for cherry-flavored gummies or other cannabis-infused edibles. Many of these strains are also available in multiple forms—great for those who don’t like smoking. Opt for a vape pen or extract if you want to skip the smoke. 

Are you ready to learn more about these exciting and flavorful marijuana strains? Check out our cherry list to find out which one suits you best.

Cannabis Plant

1. Cherry Chem

Fleur’s Cherry Chem is a powerful indica dominant hybrid with one of the boldest, most in-your-face cherry flavors you’ll find on our list.

This well-balanced cherry strain was created by crossing Cherry Pie and classic Chemdawg cultivars. That’s why it delivers such upbeat, euphoric effects.

Every day smokers will love this strain’s cerebral aspect, perfect for starting that new hobby or socializing with friends. And while it does deliver a mellow and balanced body high, it won’t leave you feeling numb or “couch-locked.”

As its name suggests, Cherry Chem is packed with potent cherry flavor and aroma plus some mild diesel undertones. 

2. Blueberry Syrup 

Blueberry Syrup is an exotic and flavorful hybrid from Medizin. It’s perfect for smokers who like a strong fruity taste and smell.

This exclusive flower was developed by crossing the legendary Blueberry strain with Cherry Pie Kush. Smokers often describe its high as “the best of both worlds.”

This flower’s effects begin with a strong sense of euphoria that slowly fades into a relaxing, full-body buzz, similar to the feeling you get after drinking a glass of good red wine. This makes it perfect for evening or after-dinner consumption. 

Blueberry Syrup is an easy-to-enjoy strain with an outstanding flavor profile. This bud starts off with sweet berry flavors on the inhale and finishes with a deep earthy sweetness on the exhale.  

3. Black Cherry Punch

Black Cherry Punch by Nature’s Chemistry is one of the most sophisticated strains on our list, and while it’s technically a hybrid, it smokes more like a true indica. This cross of Purple Punch and Black Cherry Pie packs a generous 20% of THC. The great news is that it won’t leave you feeling foggy or fatigued. 

Like many indica strains, this bud delivers strong cerebral effects, stimulating the mind and sharpening concentration. It’s perfect for artistic inspiration and creativity, too. Eventually, the high mellows out into full-body relaxation plus a heavy dose of euphoric bliss.  

Black Cherry Punch has a complex flavor profile that begins with earthy, pine-like notes. These fade into strong fruity and floral undertones with a pleasant and lingering sweet aftertaste.

4. Blueberry Cookies

Blue Cookies is a hard-hitting hybrid—even experienced smokers should dose with care. In fact, this strain is so potent that it has become world-renowned as one of the strongest strains of all time.

Bred by crossing the famous Blueberry strain with Girl Scout Cookies, this flower is an excellent option for evening smoking and deep relaxation. Note that it’s not ideal for daily use or social smoking. 

Boasting THC levels over 23%, this flower delivers strong sedative effects. However, it does allow for creativity and a blissful distraction from stress. Blueberry Cookies has a fruity smell and taste, pairing both blueberry and cherry on the inhale. Undertones include roasted nuts, mint, and a floral bouquet, so it doesn’t come across as overly sweet.

Ready to give this powerful strain a try? Start with a pre-roll or two to make sure this intense strain suits your ideal personal high

5. Wedding Cake 

Reina’s Wedding Cake, also known as Pink Cookies, is a mood-boosting hybrid ideal for cannabis users who prefer an upbeat, laughter-inducing high. This cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie delivers a dynamic indica based high for the first hour, but quickly mellows out into a calming, body-soothing buzz.

This strain is often described as sedating and appetite-boosting, so it’s a top pick for users hoping to curb the effects of lost appetite. It’s a great option for medical marijuana users. 

Despite its name, Wedding Cake has a very fruity flavor. It’s sour and tangy, with cherry and berry notes, plus a hint of creaminess and vanilla.

Let Us Help You Select the Perfect Cherry Strain!

Now that you’ve learned a bit about our top five, you’re ready to pick the cherry strain that works best for you. 

Don’t be surprised if you need to try more than one variety before you find your perfect fit. When in doubt, start by ordering in small quantities. Pre-rolls are a great way to sample a strain without committing to multiple grams.

Curious about other cannabis strains, extracts, and infusions? Check out our full menu for some of the most exciting products in Las Vegas! You can get the most appealing strains delivered straight to your door thanks to our 24/7 delivery service or swing by to pick up your order. Miss our friendly budtenders? As of May 11, 2020, will be offering in-store shopping from 10 a.m.-12 a.m. daily. Our shopping experience is in accordance with Governor Steve Sisolak’s compliance board. You can find more information on how to purchase products during COVID.