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People tend to fear what they don’t understand. Even with the widespread decriminalization of cannabis across the US, many myths and misconceptions persist about one of nature’s most incredible and potentially beneficial plants. No matter how many studies link cannabis use to positive outcomes for physical and mental health, there are still many who are slow to trust it… even those who regularly smoke tobacco.

The truth is that cannabis, in its various forms, kicks tobacco use to the curb. If you’re prepared to read with an open mind, by the time you’ve read this article, you’ll be able to weigh the pros of consuming cannabis versus the cons of smoking cigarettes. Even scientists suggest that turning to cannabis may be better for you than smoking tobacco.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways consuming cannabis beats tobacco use.

Cannabis Is Less Carcinogenic Than Tobacco

Studies show that cannabis smoke has far fewer carcinogenic properties than tobacco smoke. Robert Melamede, of the Biology Department at the University of Colorado, says, “While both tobacco and cannabis smoke have similar properties chemically, their pharmacological activities differ greatly.” He writes in the Harm Reductional Journal that some components of the smoke from cannabis can shrink some carcinogenic pathways, whereas smoke from tobacco can enhance some of the pathways. While he states cannabis and tobacco are “chemically very similar,” his studies point out that there’s evidence to suggest reasons why smoke from tobacco, but not cannabis smoke, may result in lung cancer. In short, both contain carcinogens, but nicotine in tobacco “promotes tumor angiogenesis whereas cannabis inhibits it.”

Close up of a person holding a ROVE

Melamede also writes that vaporizers deliver carcinogen-free cannabis vapors through the respiratory route, eliminating the carcinogenic potential of smoked cannabis.  

Cannabis Use May Reduce Tobacco Use

If you’re trying to kick your cigarette habit once and for all, you’ll be delighted to learn that switching to cannabis may help reduce tobacco use to help even long-time smokers quit once and for all. 

Another study, published in the International Journal of Drug Policy, found that marijuana use can reduce a user’s dependency on tobacco (and other substances for that matter). They found that out of 271 participants, 12% reported replacing their tobacco products with cannabis.

Cannabis Can Be Much More Discreet

If you want to go for a cigarette when at work or in a social setting, inevitably you have to leave the building and head for a gloomy outdoor smoking area, often returning smelling of cigarettes so that everyone around you knows about your habits. Unlike smoking a cigarette, vaping cannabis is much more discreet and doesn’t leave the same lingering odor as tobacco smoke. This makes it a good choice for those who are kicking their smoking habit and want to be more discreet about their choices.

Cannabis, unlike tobacco as seen in the studies above, can be better for you. It also comes in a wide variety of products that make quitting cigarettes that much easier.

Cannabis Is Not Limited to Just Smoking 

Packet of chocolate chunkie edible

Many tobacco users want to quit, but symptoms such as cravings from nicotine withdrawal make it difficult to stop smoking. While on your tobacco-free journey, seeing a “trigger” like other people smoking or having a friend light up a cannabis pre-roll may increase your cravings to smoke a cigarette again. So a pre-roll or vape pen may not be your best choice. 

What is great about cannabis is that while you may not be keen on smoking it for personal reasons, you can still reap the benefits by choosing a different form of consumption. Innovation in cannabis products has come a long way since legalization. Everything from tinctures to concentrates to edibles—the range of options feels endless! You can walk into a Las Vegas dispensary and be amazed to find out that you can choose to enjoy cannabis with watermelon gummies or a decadent caramel chocolate brownie. 

If smoking cannabis isn’t your thing, that’s OK! The best thing about cannabis is that you are not limited to one type of product or even flavor. How you consume is completely up to you.

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