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Wine and food pairing is a gastronomic tradition that has heightened the taste experience for many people. Just about every kind of food has a wine that pairs well with it, but chocolates are an especially popular choice. What about cannabis-infused chocolate?

Luxury edibles can indeed go very well with the right kind of wine. In today’s guide to pairing wine with edibles, we are featuring the luxury chocolatier brand, Dreamland Chocolates. Dreamland Chocolates has both classic and unique flavors that would make an exciting companion to even a small glass of wine. 

Glass of wine sitting on a wooden table

Mystical Milk with Pinot Noir

The creamy, lighter taste of milk chocolate tends to go well with the astringency of red wines, but you don’t want them to be on the bitter side. Sparkling summer red wines are a good match, as are late harvest reds such as Pinot Noir. You want a lighter body, as something a little too heavy can make the creaminess of milk chocolate feel a little too heavy on the tongue. 

Cookies n’ Dream with Sauvignon Blanc

The sweet acidity of a nice, light white adds some much-needed refreshment to the rich, creamy indulgence of this cookies-and-cream-inspired chocolate edible. Cookies n’ Dream has a rich sweetness that’s bold and all-encompassing. A fizzy, crisp white wine is great for washing it down without creating too strong a contrast between the flavors. The grassy notes of Sancerre wines are especially effective in this pairing.

Cool Mint with Syrah

A touch of mint adds a breezy, natural crispness to otherwise sweet and delicious chocolate. As such, you don’t want a wine that’s too light and high-noted, or it will simply bounce off the chocolate. Instead, you might want to try something like a Syrah. Dark, full-bodied, and rich, these wines combine savory olive notes with dark summer fruit flavors, making it perfect for combining with the refreshing mint chocolate.

Decadent Dark with Port and Port-like Wines

Like wine, dark chocolate has polyphenols that give it a bitter taste. Rather than looking for a contrasting wine, it can be a good idea to complement the dark chocolate with something more tannin-rich. Even a wine as full-bodied as a port is great, balancing out the bitterness with a smoother, yet more astringent flavor.

White Chocolate with Radiant Raspberries with Brachetto d’Acqui

Without the cacao and flavanols of regular chocolates, white chocolate is much creamier and sweeter than its cousins. This makes it a good match for dry reds, which are usually a little too bitter to go well with cacao. A good Moscato d’Asti or Brachetto d’Acqui will go well, especially the latter, since both the chocolate and the wine have raspberry notes that will sing when put together.

Simply Salted Toffee and Chenin Blanc

Simply Salted Toffee is a chocolate that is more savory than most and, as such, is better paired with a more savory wine, as well. To that end, Chenin Blanc brings a slight bitterness of apple, combined with its own saltiness, that combines very well with the chocolate.

Crackling Crunch and Prosecco

The sugary, crunchy sweetness of Crackling Crunch goes very well with the bite of a good Prosecco. These chocolates have a fatty, creamy taste, which the bubbles of the prosecco cut right through, refreshing your mouth without completely washing away or overpowering the flavor of the Crackling Crunch.

Dark Chocolate with Pistachio and Chili Pepper with Pinot Noir

Needless to say, this chocolate’s combination of savory and bitter flavors makes for a powerful experience, so you don’t want to pair it with something too full-bodied. A fruity Pinot Noir will work very well, and a light-bodied Syrah can be a good back-up. They allow the rich, spicy flavors of the chocolate to play around, but soothes them and creates a nice, sweet mouthfeel.

What you should know about pairing wine with luxury chocolate edibles

Dreamland Chocolates offers connoisseurs luxury chocolate with premium cannabis. It’s important to know that mixing cannabis and alcohol can make the effects of both substances stronger. So don’t take too much of either, and make sure you’re in a safe, comfortable space with people that you trust.

If you want the experience of pairing wine with chocolate edibles but without the effects of mixing cannabis and alcohol, you can use non-alcoholic wines, instead. Even without alcohol, avoid overindulging in chocolate edibles. One serving is plenty for the desired effect.

Want to add chocolate edibles to your at-home wine pairing? Select a flavor from our menu that appeals to you and pairs well with your favorite bottle of wine. We have three convenient shopping options to choose from. If you want to limit contact you can choose our delivery service or pick-up option, or as of May 11, 2020 you will be able to shop in-store from 10a.m.-12 a.m. Our in-store shopping is in accordance with Governor Steve Sisolak’s compliance board—read more about our COVID prevention measures.