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Are you suffering from insomnia? There may be a way to combat it, and no, it doesn’t include counting sheep. It may mean visiting a local cannabis dispensary (or even better, ordering cannabis delivery) for strains that could have you nodding off at a normal bedtime.  While research on how cannabis affects the body is limited due to restrictive regulations, there is substantial anecdotal evidence to show that CBD, a chemical from the cannabis plant, and a variety of cannabis strains help with sleep problems and insomnia. 

How does cannabis help with sleep?

THC, one of the cannabinoids of cannabis, is mostly responsible for making you sleepy when consuming cannabis, as it’s considered highly sedative. It’s also responsible for giving you that high feeling commonly associated with the plant. A lesser-known quality of THC is that it even alters the time spent in specific stages of sleep. THC directly limits the amount of time the body spends in REM sleep, which is when the brain is dreaming. Because of this, it can be beneficial in treating insomnia associated with PTSD, and may be effective in reducing PTSD-related nightmares. 

Note: You should aim for a strain that has less than 20% THC to see how your body responds. 

CBD is very popular among the new and avid users of the cannabis world, but there is less evidence that it helps insomnia directly in comparison to THC. Instead, one study suggests that CBD affects sleep indirectly by reducing anxiety and stress which are two common inhibitors of sleep. The bright side of trying CBD, is that it’s non-psychoactive, so if you’re nervous about feeling “high,” this can be a great alternative for you to test. 

Does the dosage of CBD matter?

Yes, to an extent. If you suffer from insomnia, you should probably aim for a CBD dosage between 160 mg up to 600 mg, based on this study. Lower dosages are not likely to affect on insomnia, while higher doses have been shown to increase the total amount of sleep that occurs while reducing sleep disruption. 

What is CBN?

One of the newly discovered cannabinoids, cannabinol (CBN), may be one of the reasons that cannabis has been touted as the sleep-inducer, and will likely be sharing the popularity stage with CBD soon. Since it’s discovery is relatively recent, there is not complete evidence on how it affects sleep, but there is preliminary research that shows this cannabinoid is a sedative and works best as a partner with THC. 

Is CBD safe?

Unlike most other sleep aids, there are no related lasting effects of CBD at higher dosages, so it is considered quite safe, even in high doses. If you’re beginning a new regimen, consider starting small to see how your body reacts and build from there. 

Which cannabis strains and methods should I use for insomnia and sleep?

Choosing an edible is a great way to push off sleep for an hour or two since they can take some time to have any effects. Edibles can also cause grogginess the next day if you do not have at least 12 hours before you’ll be expected to be alert and motivated.

Vaping and smoking are more consistent ways to use cannabis to fall asleep since they work rapidly to reduce the chance of grogginess the next day. Stay away from hybrids or sativa blends if you are looking to decrease your insomnia and steady your sleep cycle. Instead, opt for indica strains that are usually used for relaxation, calming effects, and insomnia. 

If you’re not sure which strain or option may be the best fit for your lifestyle, ask the associates at your local las vegas dispensary to point you in the right direction. Keep in mind that each person reacts differently to each strain, so it may take several tries to find the right strain or method for you. 

CBD is one way to bypass the high-feeling altogether so there is less risk of when you’ll be completely drowsy. Since evidence suggests it reduces stress and anxiety, but does not sedate you, it is a safe option to take earlier in the evening. 
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