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Research studies conducted by the Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology have shown that cannabinoids (cannabis compounds) can stay stable and potent for up to two years provided they are well-stored.  

To store your cannabis stash long-term, it requires the application of the right cannabis storage techniques. You will also need to find a conducive environment to implement the methods. Curing is the number one step to follow when you are storing your cannabis for a long time.

Aside from knowing the right cannabis storage techniques, you need to understand the conditions that can potentially degrade your cannabis.  If you have been scrambling to get to the best cannabis dispensary and to learn long-term storage methods, then you’re in luck. This article is your ultimate guide on how to make your cannabis stash last longer, and where to get cannabis during the Covid-19.

Factors That Can Affect Long-Term Storage of Cannabis


One of the more serious factors that can degrade your cannabis is light. In storing cannabis, care must be taken not to expose the substance to direct light sources. The reason is that ultraviolet radiation can destroy the terpenes present in cannabis. If cannabinoids lose these valuable compounds, their efficacy will diminish. To eliminate this problem, use opaque containers to store your cannabis.


Oxygen levels can also impact the long-term storage of cannabis. Higher volumes of oxygen can lead to faster degradation of cannabis. On the other hand, deficient oxygen levels can disturb the humidity level, and cause mold to develop on the cannabis products. It’s advisable to store your cannabis stash in airtight containers to prevent atmospheric oxygen from causing harm to your products.


Where moisture prevails, mold thrives. That said, high-quality cannabis should not be too dry. Proper regulation of the relative humidity (RH) levels is necessary for keeping cannabis in good shape for the long term. The ideal RH range for cannabis in a Las Vegas dispensary is about 59–63%.  


When the temperature is too high, it can dry up your cannabis and degrade its rich chemical make-up. Since mold and mildew also survive within the temperature range of 78–86 degrees, you may want to store your fresh cannabis stash below that temperature threshold.

How to Control Humidity Levels When Preserving Cannabis

Though most cannabis users are fully aware that humidity can affect their stash, they can’t wrap their brains around the mechanisms involved. Basically, humidity is the amount of water vapor in the air and when looking at relative humidity, you need to calculate the percentage or proportion of absolute humidity, the real level of water vapor, against the saturation point which should also be at like temperature. 

RH levels can distort the smoothness of your stash as well as the medicinal potency. The aroma and flavor of cannabinoids are locked up in their terpenes. Low humidity can break down the trichomes which hold the terpenes. When the terpenes are destroyed, you will miss the flavors in your favorite products.

On the contrary, overly moist conditions (high humidity) can invite a plethora of bacteria and mold into your stash. Around an RH level of 65%, these microorganisms may grow on your cannabis and distort its quality. When this contamination happens, cannabis will stink badly. If you continue to use it, the health consequences may be dangerous. For example, Aspergillosis, a deadly disorder of the lungs, has been linked to the consumption of mold-contaminated cannabis.

Traditionally, the optimum RH range for storing cannabis is usually quoted between 59–63%. This suitable humidity level will allow you to store cannabis for the long term without your stash suffering any loss in weight or potency. Moreover, they’ll also be safe from the hazards of mold and mildew.

If you prefer slightly dry conditions, you can also keep your stash at RH levels around 54%. Your decision may depend on the length of time you want to keep your products. Another innovative way to preserve cannabis in favorable humidity conditions is to use a humidity control system. This type of tool automatically regulates RH by absorbing or releasing moisture when the need arises.

How to Identify Whether Your Cannabis Has Gone Bad Or Not

To extend the shelf life of cannabis, it all starts with implementing proper measures during the growth and harvest cycles. When all good conditions are met, you can store your cannabis strains for a long time without any cause for concern. 

The following indicators can help you conclude whether your cannabis is good or bad. 


When you can still smell the vibrancy of the terpenes in cannabis, that’s a positive sign that your stash is still good. The moldy and musty odor may be bad signs that your cannabis has degraded.

Visual Cues

You can also identify the state of your cannabis through visual inspection. If a careful look at the cannabis reveals fungi or any other abnormal appearance, your cannabis may have gone bad.


A quick puff of cannabis can give you great insights about what’s wrong with it. Bad cannabis will not be fun to smoke, but the good ones will taste normal. 

Audible Signs

Dry and properly treated cannabis will give clear audible sounds when snapped. This shows that they are OK. On the other hand, bad cannabis may not give any sound at all. 

Dos and Don’ts About Cannabis Storage

When storing cannabis in airtight containers, be sure that the container is spacious enough. Overcrowding can negatively affect the humidity. 

Due to the risk of exposure to moisture, freezing, and refrigeration are not recommended methods for storing cannabis. Also, don’t store cannabis in plastic jars since they trap heat and cause sweating. Use glass jars instead. 

Tobacco humidors are bad for keeping cannabis. The cedar wood in them can destroy terpenes and take away the good flavors. 

Finally, don’t store cannabis together with other materials such as lighters. Their scent may alter the nature of your cannabis. We hope the above guidelines will prove to be very beneficial for those who want to store their stash while limiting their trips to the dispensay. 

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