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If there is one industry that has actually boomed during the pandemic, it is undoubtedly the US cannabis industry, which soared to a staggering $17.5 billion in 2020. The industry continues on its growth trajectory as researchers are determined to understand the plant’s effects, potential uses, and its interactions in depth. 

One of the aspects of research where advocates are shifting their focus towards is the life of cannabis. Normally, processed cannabis boasts a life of over six months, but as it happens with most other items, will the life of your cannabis increase if it is frozen? Below, we will dive into whether or not this is the case!

Colder Temperatures Do Help

To begin – yes, cannabis can grow mold if the temperature it is kept in rises above the 77-degree Fahrenheit mark. In fact, dry weather can also dry out the plant and make it crumbly, which may not affect the aroma and strength, but will certainly bring the overall consumption experience down. 

However, that does not give budtenders a green light to keep cannabis in extremely low temperatures. Colder temperatures may keep your cannabis from growing mildew, but the plant will lose its potency.

Is Freezing Cannabis An Option?

…Not a recommended one! Unlike the common presumption that freezing perishable items will keep them fresher for longer periods of time, that is not how the plant works. For starters, you will lose the potency of the plant since cannabinoids like THC (the psychoactive compound in cannabis) along with several other cannabinoids will degrade, leaving you with a lower-quality experience from consumption. 

Furthermore, defrosting cannabis can be a whole new challenge. Since freezing temperatures will cause freezer-burn to the plant, it is quite likely that when you defrost your favorite strain, it will not take long to attract mildew. In short, once you have defrosted your cannabis, its natural life will already have been cut down to a minimum. 

Frozen Cannabis

The Good News

You may not be able to keep the taste, aroma, and effects of your cannabis intact by freezing it. In other words, freezing is not a viable option for increasing the life of your cannabis. However, the good news is that researchers over the years have come to a unanimously agreed upon decision regarding the environment that will enable you to keep your strains fresh and potent for longer periods of time. 

Making Cannabis Last Longer 

There are four key elements that you need to consider when storing your cannabis in a container: the temperature (of course), humidity levels, friction, and light. The American Herbal Products Association states that the moisture level in your strains should not go below 15% or it will dry out and become flaky.

Surpassing a humidity level of 65% will lead to mold growth, but humidity between 50% and 60% may enable you to maintain the integrity of your plant for a longer period of time. Bear in mind that light and temperature of the container also play a key role here. In a vegetative state, 18 hours of light is considered a good mark, whereas in the flowering state, 13 hours of ample light will do. 

We would also like to mention here that since light is critical in making your strain last longer, it is best to keep it in a transparent container for light to easily pass through. 

A University of Mississippi study discovered that if you keep your cannabis between 68-degrees and 72-degrees Fahrenheit, it will lose 16.6% of THC content in a year, which grows by an average of 9% with each passing year. 

Leave It to the Experts 

The above provides a gist of how you may be able to make your cannabis last longer. There is a lot more complexity that goes into the entire process, which often begins from the point of growing the flower. 

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