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Shortly after the legalization of recreational cannabis use in California, Miss Grass was founded on the mission of learning and sharing, contributing to an equitable industry, offering safe and effective products, and creating a safe space for anyone who had the desire to learn more. The founders believed, then and still now, that this mission especially applies to women- who they felt were especially underserved in the cannabis community.

Miss Grass began launching THC products in 2020, starting with Miss Grass Minis pre-roll joints. Their product line has expanded since then, but remains true to its purpose and mission. Miss Grass products are made for a community of cannabis consumers who are informed, curious, and enthusiastic about the plant’s benefits. With a focus on terpene profiles Miss Grass is able to offer distinct effects batch-to-batch with their three product strains, creating a synthesis with life’s ‘fast times’, ‘quiet times’, and ‘all times’. This article outlines the three strains offered by Miss Grass, and how they’re made with the consumer in mind- to share with a friend, or just for you.

Fast Times

With reported vibrant, inspiring, and uplifting effects, this sativa dominant strain is perfect just for you, or even you and a bud. ‘Fast Times’ is composed of several key terpenes, including: caryophyllene, limonene, humulene, and pinene. The presence of limonene lets users enjoy a citrusy taste and smell, while the caryophyllene provides flavors of cinnamon and spice.

This energetic and inspiring smoke is meant for opening your spirit, getting things done, and most importantly having fun! As a great cannabis strain for creativity or focus, you can enjoy the full entourage of effects at home with a Miss Grass Generous Eighth or take the fun on-the-go with Miss Grass Fast Times Minis.

Quiet Times

Second on the list, ‘Quiet Times’ from Miss Grass is a great strain to roll on your own or pack a bowl- wherever you go. The relaxing high that was first experienced with the Quiet Times Minis was also repurposed for the Miss Grass half ounce bag and generous eighths. It’s a dreamy, romantic smoke that pairs well with low lighting, chocolate, and someone special; however, in a previous article, we outline the effects of cannabis and coffee on the brain, and Quiet Times would also be an excellent cannabis strain to enjoy with a cup of coffee on an early morning.

Sensual and lush, with delicate notes of apple, flower, and black pepper- Quiet Times’ main terpenes are the perfect blend of caryophyllene, linalool, bisabolol, and myrcene. This strain is relaxed, but not sluggish; dreamy, but not spaced out- just a soothing, weightless, and serene experience.

All Times

Wrapping things up with the third strain that could be described as an up-for-anything smoke that allows users to go with the flow of life, with a little extra sparkle along the way. The main terpenes of All Times being caryophyllene, myrcene, pinene, and humulene creates an easy and clear experience with notes of pine, herbs, and ginger.

This hybrid strain is a 1:1 CBD:THC flower blend that provides a balanced, easy going high. The experience from All Times can be described as a grounded high you can control- energetic, without being frenzied; chill, without being a dud. It’s essentially everyone’s favorite plus one: some who can go with the flow and is up for anything.

Get Miss Grass at a Las Vegas Dispensary

Order your Miss Grass for curbside pickup or delivery at Planet 13 Las Vegas. Delivery and curbside pickup can be ordered from 9am-12am, or visit our Las Vegas dispensary open 24/7 near the Las Vegas strip.

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