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Many people in the US love coffee — it is among the nation’s favorite beverages and has worked its way into the morning routines of millions of Americans. Though it may not be as widespread as starting the day with coffee — another morning routine that is gaining traction among the nation is waking and baking

Cannabis users across the nation enjoy a morning wake and bake session to start their day, whether they’re reaping the benefits of the cannabis plant for medical or recreational purposes. While both cannabis and coffee have been popular among consumers independently, have you ever wondered what happens when you mix the two? This post will shed light on the benefits of mixing coffee and cannabis to start your day.

Cannabis Binds to Your Cannabinoid Receptors 

We know that coffee certainly affects your body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS), but in what capacity? 

As you consume cannabis, your body begins reacting with the THC compound, which is mainly responsible for the psychoactive effects you feel after consumption. This happens because the THC compound attaches to the cannabinoid receptors inside your body, barring the body’s natural cannabinoids to connect to these receptors.

As a result, the communication between neurons ceases, thereby making it difficult for the brain to coordinate with different parts of the body. The disrupted communication between neurons leads to the buzz. 

The way cannabis reacts with your body is highly dependent on your method of consumption. For example, smoking will kick in much faster than an edible. 

Coffee Affects Metabolism

One of the main effects of coffee within your system is on the metabolites. Those associated with ECS are decreased in your body, directly affecting your metabolic process. As the metabolites related to ECS decrease, your stress and anxiety also begin to decrease. It is why experts believe that the ECS system within your body has an impact on your psychological well-being. 

The ECS system also plays a critical role in regulating several other psychological aspects of your body including sleep and memory. Coffee also leaves your body in a state of alertness and happiness, which is a critical reason why so many Americans prefer drinking it early in the morning.

The Perfect Mix for Fall

Individually, both coffee and cannabis affect your brain and body, which has led many users to believe that combining the two may result in enhanced effects.

There have been limited studies around the possible effects of mixing cannabis and coffee for consumption, but one existing study does suggest that the effects are directly proportional. For instance, if you drink a lot of coffee, it may lead to an increased urge to consume THC. 

Technically both cannabis and coffee provide users with different feelings. Americans drink coffee to wake up, increase focus, and kick-start their day. On the other hand, THC is known to relax users.

While it is unknown how cannabis and coffee together affect your body, it is believed to be a productive combination when the correct strain and proportions are used.

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