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Tired of feeling fuzzy and “hungover” after using cannabis? There are many ways that cannabis may help you with multiple health concerns, from chronic pain to seizures to headaches. How much cannabis you consume is important because too much can lead to the loathed hangover.  If you’re finding yourself feeling less-than-stellar after smoking, there are ways to combat the fogginess of a cannabis hangover.

What is a cannabis hangover?

First of all, we need to know what causes a cannabis hangover before trying to combat one. Due to restrictions and challenges on how cannabis can be used and studied, there is an overall lack of peer-reviewed studies on the topic, and the study of cannabis hangovers relies mostly on anecdotal evidence. 

A cannabis hangover typically involves having a dry mouth, sleepiness, mild memory problems, and an overall fuzzy or foggy feeling. 

While there is no recent study that discusses why cannabis hangovers may be caused, there are a few accepted assumptions as to their cause. 

One major factor is that cannabis, like other substances, has side effects and the body may use extra water to process it. The effects of headaches and brain fog could be caused by dehydration, especially if you forget to drink water while using cannabis products.

Another reason that hangovers may be caused by cannabis consumption is due to the quality of cannabis ingested. Eating a cannabis-infused mint that has undergone strict regulations will likely provide a different experience than mixing in something grown in a friend’s basement into a batch of homemade brownies. It also is likely to produce a very different hangover. There may be mold or other products interfering with cannabis and this is one reason that cannabis dispensaries take integrity, lab testing, and storage seriously, while your buddy next door may store his cannabis in a basket on the kitchen counter. 

Another assumed reason that cannabis hangovers occur may be due to cannabis being grown with chemicals, such as fertilizers or pesticides. If your body can’t break these chemicals down quickly, they may have longer-lasting effects than the cannabis you consume. If you are smoking cannabis, the pesticides that may have been used on it can enter your bloodstream as noted in this 2013 research article. 

How to prevent and cure a cannabis hangover 

The first step to curing a hangover is preventing it. Here are some key ways to do prevent a cannabis hangover: 

Know your cannabis sources

When pesticides are discovered on any cannabis from a reputable source, the cannabis is recalled and destroyed. Knowing your source and being confident that what you are consuming is just cannabis, without the use of chemicals, can help prevent a hangover and other side effects from occurring. Search for the best cannabis dispensary in your area and review highly-rated products. Whether you’re a long-time resident or simply visiting Vegas, you have some great cannabis options that can be delivered without the hassle of stepping into a dispensary. If you want to be sure about the source of your cannabis, check out our Planet 13 delivery option

Stay hydrated

While there’s a slew of anecdotal information that cannabis may help treat a variety of medical issues, the one thing we know it can’t cure is dehydration. You still have to slug down approximately 60 ounces of water each day. Make sure when you’re inhaling or consuming cannabis, whether in the form of THC or CBD that you’re also drinking plenty of H2O. 

Don’t combine cannabis with other medications or alcohol

If you’re unsure how specific medications interact with cannabis, ask your doctor before combining the two. If you’re looking to feel relaxed, opt for a can of sparkling water rather than a beer when you’ve used cannabis. The hangover you are feeling could be due to the alcohol and dehydration associated with it.  

Store your cannabis in a cool, dry area to discourage any mold growth

If you’ve tried to prevent a cannabis hangover and are still feeling foggy the next day, here are some tips to help combat that feeling: 

  • Get moving. Jumpstart your morning with a refreshing walk before the sun starts heating up the sidewalk. 
  • Take a refreshing cool shower. Cold showers are never great, but they wake you up! 
  • Caffeine. Yep, grab that cup of joe to combat that fuzzy feeling. 

If you’re dealing with a headache, these ideas could be the cure for you. 

  • Over-the-counter pain medications like Tylenol may help reduce the unwanted side effects of cannabis, as noted in this 2013 study, notes that “the unwanted side effects of cannabis could be eliminated or reduced, while retaining its beneficial effects, by administering a COX-2 inhibitor or NSAID.” In layman’s terms, taking an over-the-counter pain reliever may help relieve a cannabis hangover.
  • Give yourself a simple temple massage. If that doesn’t work, skip over to using a cold compress to relieve any tension.  
  • Try some moisturizing eye drops. Cannabis can cause dry eyes, which can accentuate or cause a headache. Keep moisturizing eye drops on your bedside table handy so you can refresh your eyes when you wake up.

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