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Just like any other holiday, 4/20 calls for celebrations and what could be a better way to celebrate than finding your favorite cannabis products to make the most of this exciting holiday? Whether you would like to host a cannabis connoisseur party, pamper yourself with a cannabis-infused bath bomb, satisfy your sweet cravings with a bar of cannabis-infused chocolate, or want to showcase your cannabis pride with some Planet 13 apparel? We’ve got you covered! We have all the perfect cannabis products for the occasion at Planet 13, the world’s only cannabis entertainment complex. 

Shop the featured products from our incredible menu below and make the most of your 4/20 holiday this year.

Dreamland Cool Mint

Packet of dreamland THC

This is a classic Dreamland chocolate bar – made with the perfect combination of minty freshness and chocolate that melts in your mouth. Wrapped in green packaging, there’s nothing more festive and scrumptious than a Cool Mint by Dreamland chocolate bar to help you celebrate the 4/20 holiday. 

Our amazing Dreamland chocolate has been infused with the perfect balance of cannabis oil and a rich, creamy chocolate flavor that leaves you with a sweet taste and may make your holiday at home the best 4/20 celebration yet!

HaHa Fruit Punch

These fruit punch gummies by HaHa are a sweet treat for the most-awaited holiday, 4/20. They have an amazingly refreshing taste and aroma, which may contribute to bringing fun and relaxation to your 4/20 celebrations!

HaHa Gummies represent the joy and the fun-loving spirit of cannabis enthusiasts created with love and laughs by the talented canna-chefs. Whether you feel low and need an energetic boost or you are looking for a little dose of giggles to enhance your 4/20, HaHa Fruit Punch Gummies may provide that! 

Million Dollar Baby by Medizin 

A perfect cross between a Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies strains, Million Dollar Baby may make you feel like a million bucks! It has the ideal flavor and aroma meant for relaxing your body and mind. A cherry-like taste with hints of mint, the strains are famous for providing people with incredible sensations such as a happy, relaxed, and euphoric mood.

Be it the stress of a tiring workday, or if you’re feeling a little lackluster, Million Dollar Baby by Medizin may be just the thing to lift your mood and help you relax effortlessly.

Trendi Wedding Cake

What could be better for celebrating 4/20 than indulging in some type of cake, we have the perfect product – Trendi Wedding Cake! This is a powerful, energetic, and premium cannabis concentrate made to provide a powerful punch.

Whether you wish to celebrate this 4/20 holiday at a virtual gathering with friends or at home, Trendi Wedding Cake could be your go-to product with its carefully crafted cultivation while setting a new 4/20 trend.

Cookies and Cream by Leaf & Vine 

Cookies and Cream by Leaf & Vine is a strain-specific cartridge that could be your perfect partner on a 4/20 holiday. It has been made with a fantastic combination of cannabinoids put together to provide each consumer with a super relaxing vibe.

No matter your plans to celebrate this 4/20 holiday, the Cookies and Cream by Leaf & Vine cartridge could be the perfect choice to accompany wherever your plans take you on the day!

Planet 13 CCELL Battery

Planning to pamper yourself with a special gift this 4/20 holiday? We’ve got you covered with this fantastic Planet 13 CCELL Battery. This is an upgrade to the portable extract oil vaporizer of CCELL, which comes with an extended battery capacity yet a sleek and stylish design. Each time you charge, the 500mAH battery of SILO can deliver total volume vapor from the beginning till the end for one entire week.

It comes with an inhale-activated, button-free, magnetic connection compatible with USB charging, discreet breathing indicator, and 510 thread cartridges. Grab yourself SILO this 4/20 or gift it to your friends and family to make the most of this exciting holiday.

Snake Bite by Select

Snake Bite by Select is a collection of high-profile, luxury cannabis strains to choose from for the desired state of high. It comes with a 100% natural cannabis flower flavor and aroma, which could provide every consumer with ultimate joy and a happy feeling.

Wondering how to celebrate this 4/20 holiday in the best possible way? Order Snake Bite by Select and add colors to your holiday!

Sunshine by Flower One

Sunshine by Flower One is also a collection of great strains made in alignment with each consumer’s different needs and desires. From letting you feel productive and creative to easing your anxiety and depression by calming down the nerves, sunshine has a different strain for each kind of effect you desire, such as inspire, comfort, dream, empower, and harmony.

Make your 4/20 holiday special by ordering your favorite Sunshine strain and put your nerves to ease!

Durban Poison by Verano

Durban Poison is the perfect cannabis extract meant for easing your anxiety and lifting your moods. Verano is a luxury cannabis brand primarily focused on brightening the lives of cannabis enthusiasts by instilling exciting flavors and aromas into their products. Grab yourself a Durban Poison extract this 4/20 holiday to add a dash of excitement to the day! Visit Planet 13, the biggest cannabis dispensary near the Las Vegas strip, and find your favorite cannabis products to celebrate the 4/20 holiday. We offer the best in-store and curbside pickup or delivery services for your ease 24/7!