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Famous for its hospitality and spirit of adventure, Las Vegas is America’s playground, offering so many activities and entertainment opportunities at a time. From the thrilling roller coaster rides to the unique monuments found in their Neon Museum and the ultra-artistic downtown environment, Las Vegas has everything that a tourist might desire on their trip. 

Among these colorful and playful adventures of Las Vegas, the one most popular and exciting is Planet 13 – not just the largest cannabis dispensary, but also the world’s first cannabis entertainment complex featuring all the different aspects of Las Vegas in a single platform.

Touring Las Vegas without stopping to see first-hand the features Planet 13 has to offer would be a missed opportunity. A trip to Las Vegas isn’t complete without a visit to the Planet 13 Cannabis Superstore and Entertainment Complex.

Planet 13 isn’t just a cannabis dispensary, but an entire experience – offering the best quality, atmosphere, safety, and hands-on knowledge with cannabis products. As a leading dispensary, Planet 13 takes pride in producing the finest quality of cannabis products that are uniquely crafted for customer satisfaction. 

We also ensure we provide our consumers with a safe and secure environment in perfect alignment with laws and policies which support the legalization of cannabis production, sales, and consumption.

The complex and operational features at Planet 13 make it a perfect place for tourists who are willing to gain insight into the culture and heritage of Las Vegas. Take a look at some popular conceptual features of Planet 13 and get inspired!

Giant & Interactive Lotus Flowers 

As you enter the biggest dispensary in Vegas, thirteen beautiful lotus flowers that stand 15-foot tall, welcome you from the roof of the building. These lotus flowers are made with metal stems and acrylic leaves and can move as if waving hello to the entering clientele – a beautiful, yet interactive piece of art. While the lotus flower petals represent Las Vegas in the best possible manner, their interactive features showcase the trendy and tech-savvy creation of Planet 13 at the same time.

The Planet Water Globe 

Planet 13 Las Vegas building

Moving forward from the entrance, Planet 13 offers you an inspiring sight of an 18-foot tall globe water feature, instilled with vibrant LED lights – creating a glowing scene of fog and light. This amazing water globe can be seen from the 65,000 hotel rooms which face the innovative cannabis dispensary near the Las Vegas strip.

Aerial Orb Show 

The creativity and aesthetics aren’t just limited to the entrance of Planet 13 as the interior offers more features, like an incredible Aerial Orb show as you move a little towards the main entrance dancing on the ceiling of the dispensary filled with glowing lights.

LED Interactive Floor 

You’ll also be greeted with a high-tech, sensory-activated, and interactive LED floor as you reach the entrance of the observation hallway of Planet 13, the largest cannabis dispensary. With various interactive displays and aesthetic screens, this LED floor gives you an insight into the Las Vegas culture and heritage like no other place.

Trece Eatery + Spirits 

One of its kind, Trece Eatery + Spirits is an authentic Mexican-inspired restaurant, spacious and luxurious, built inside the complex of Planet 13 cannabis dispensary. Like the other aesthetic features of Planet 13, Trece also has a creative, yet conceptual design – creating a relaxing environment and offering scrumptious Mexican-inspired meals where you can stop and enjoy a bite after exploring the cannabis superstore and entertainment complex.

Live Production Facility 

Also, Planet 13 includes a transparent observation hall, where you can view the production of the in-house brands being made live at the dispensary! This is where all your favorite Planet 13 cannabis products get cultivated, manufactured, and packaged. Visitors can learn more and take a look at our processes, by viewing the making of products through the glass wall of the production facility at the largest cannabis dispensary in Las Vegas and by reading the information material provided on the interactive screens in front of the wall. We pride ourselves on being innovative, while also offering cannabis education and this feature allows consumers to view that all the adequate practices and standards of cannabis cultivation, manufacture, and packaging are being fulfilled –  as well as all the legal desires of cannabis enthusiasts at the same time.

Traveling to Las Vegas and want to make it a memorable trip? Don’t forget to visit this ultra-creative and conceptual cannabis dispensary, for it has so much to offer. Planet 13 is not just a dispensary, it’s a destination – one that shouldn’t be missed on any excursion to Las Vegas. You can find your favorite cannabis products by visiting us in-store or by browsing the online menu to order for curbside pickup or delivery 24/7!