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With the widespread legalization of cannabis across most US states, the industry is growing at an incredible pace. Keeping in mind the increased public interest and the fast-paced expansion of the cannabis market, Planet 13, the largest cannabis dispensary near the Las Vegas Strip, has announced the opening of its new cannabis superstore in Orange County. The building and construction permits have been approved and the store will be launched by mid-2021 according to plans. 

With the installation of unique and innovative tech-art and digital screen displays, the Planet 13 OC cannabis entertainment complex is expected to be the finest dispensary in town. The planned infrastructure showcases the superstore to be a 55,000 square-feet entity with 16,500 square-feet devoted for the dispensary while the remaining area is for accompanying businesses. For instance, the Planet 13 Las Vegas dispensary houses a Mexican-inspired restaurant, Trece Eatery + Spirits alongside the complex. The store will be the second-largest cannabis dispensary by Planet 13 after its first location expands up to 112,000 square feet. 

This innovative expansion by Planet 13 isn’t just about entering a new market or expanding sales. Instead, the idea behind this expansion has been primarily dedicated to improving the quality of cannabis consumption and advice – contributing to the strengthening of the cannabis industry. The Orange County cannabis superstore comes with a tech-savvy infrastructure integrated with actionable guidance for entrepreneurs and much more. 

Inside of Planet 13 Las Vegas Experience

Planet 13 has created a beautiful design that is somewhat different from that of the Las Vegas dispensary location. The idea behind the construction was to develop a unique, innovative, and captivating space specifically for the California consumer that also embodied the new location’s home state spirit. What could be better than integrating California’s iconic beach vibes within the design of the dispensary? The inside of the Orange County superstore is built with a similar idea – including a digital beach, digital waterfall entrance, and much more inside. Apart from that, Planet 13 OC will also hold entertaining games and activities, special effects such as smoke flowing from the umbrellas, and eventually a smoking lounge.

Another main focal point of this fantastic cannabis superstore will be a 17-foot tall octopus spreading out all its tentacles lit with glowing LED lights. One tentacle will be grabbing a pipe from the ceiling to smoke while welcoming you to the dispensary. It indeed has the vibes one would expect from a cannabis superstore and entertainment complex, not only to buy their favorite products but to enjoy the experience as well. The idea is to integrate all the California vibes inside the store and make it a go-to fun place for California consumers with all the new attractions and fresh vibes. Every state we decided to go forward would have a unique cannabis store design built in perfect alignment with its culture and atmosphere. Planet 13 aims to capture the emotions and culture attached to its audience in the most creative manner possible. 

The Planet 13 OC cannabis superstore in Santa Ana will have all the best products in order to serve every visitor’s needs. The latest technology and process design integration are expected to let the store cater to a massive customer-base with improved service quality and reduced waiting time. The rise in demand for cannabis products has grown since the pandemic started and sales have doubled at Planet 13 Las Vegas making it necessary to upgrade the systems and creating an opportunity to expand the space. Thus, Planet 13 is working on both locations side by side breaking new construction on the facility in California and upgrading the existing Las Vegas dispensary. While the Planet 13 Orange County cannabis superstore is under construction, you can easily find your favorite cannabis products at the Las Vegas dispensary location by either visiting us in-store or placing your order online for delivery or curbside pickup. We are open 24/7 and guarantee quality services every hour.