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Working at the best-in-town cannabis entertainment complex, staff members at Planet 13 are nothing less than cannabis pros. They know precisely where a particular cannabis product can be found and possess excellent know-how about the products available here at Planet 13.

The professionals working with us are your go-to people whenever you require expert advice on what item is best for each unique situation and what cannabis product will best fit your needs!

What Makes Fumeur Special

Our meticulously crafted cannabis products connect each strain with a feeling. When we consume, we get work done, feel productive, and get creative. We mediate, we’re happy, relaxed, and most importantly, balanced! We’ve created 5 different effects to perfectly align with the way cannabis should make us feel, every day throughout the entire day. Whether you want to feel empowered to take on the day, inspired to start a new project, harmonize with nature, find comfort in spending time with loved ones, or simply need a good night’s rest with the sweetest dreams; our product line delivers.

2X Infused Pre-Roll Rockets

Our 0.5g, 2X Infused Pre-Roll Rockets are unlike any infused pre-rolls currently on the market. Rockets are 2X infused with ultra-premium distillate oil and crumble (0.35g flower and 0.15g of concentrate), then hand-packed to perfection. This ensures consistent quality and the desired slow even burn. Our Rockets are available in all 5 Fumeur Effects and test at 35%+ THC.

Moon Rocks

Our team expertly crafts each unique Moon Rocks recipe by using the perfect balance of top-grade flower which is then infused with ultra-premium distillate oil and crumble (1.0g of flower and 0.5g of concentrate). Our Moon Rocks are available in all 5 Fumeur Effects and test at 35%+ THC, making them a fan favorite when it comes to flower products.