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Mixing two or more different cannabis strains to create a blend that’s incredibly unique will sound familiar if you are a cannabis enthusiast. Blending cannabis strains is a positive experience for both medical and recreational marijuana smokers. However, it is important to ensure that you’re mixing the right cannabis strains together.

Because the effects of a cannabis strain are dependent on all the terpenes and cannabinoids it possesses, mixing the right strains calls for adequate knowledge of the terpenes and cannabinoids each of them contains. The more you understand about the composition of cannabis strains, the better you’d be able to blend them together and formulate mixtures that are capable of taking your experience to the next level.

Why Should You Mix Cannabis Strains & Form Blends?

The foremost and primary reason consumers tend to formulate blends mixing two or more cannabis strains is that they wish to experience something unique. Blending strains together provides cannabis enthusiasts with an opportunity to experience the incredible entourage effect.

Back in the 1960s, researchers determined that the real impacts of prominent cannabis compounds like CBD and THC couldn’t be fully experienced until the time they’re consumed in combination with other terpenes and cannabinoids. When two or more cannabinoids are consumed at a time, they’re likely to produce incredible synergy and pose unique and impeccable effects at the same time.

As a cannabis enthusiast, you can mix as many strains together as you want and in whatever combination you desire to experience the unique effects. For recreational marijuana consumers, this blending phenomenon comes along with the opportunity of controlling high–mixing specified strains which could produce an effect or sensation that you desire the most. 

Is A Blending Effect Better Than Single Cannabis Strains?

There are hundreds, even thousands, of different cannabis strains on the market now, and each of them offers a different experience. Mixing them together in a blend could definitely result in enhancing the effects. For instance, blending two strains with powerhouse properties could produce more intense effects, either on your mental or creative activity. The strains’ sedating or relaxing effects are dependent on what types and strains you choose to mix.

You can also blend opposite strains together, such as a light indica mixed with an intense sativa strain could enhance the desired effect.

What Types of Cannabis Strains Should Be Blended?

Though mixing strains together and formulating unique blends seem to be an exciting experience, it can affect you adversely when done without knowledge of the strains. The key here is to mix strains that are likely to enhance each other’s effect positively. For instance, mixing a strong sativa-dominant flower with an indica flower could help reduce the anxiety factor that a typical sativa-dominant strain may cause in some people and enhance the effect of both the strains positively.

When mixing strains together, you should always take special care of the ratios. It can help create a balanced effect and prevent you from intaking an unusually high dosage of any particular strain.

Some Strain Combinations to Try Blending

Planet 13 Strain on a spoon with violet background

Though you have the freedom to blend any combination of cannabis strains and experience your desired effects, here are some common strain combinations that you may like!

  • Corn Rose & Million Dollar Baby: These two popular flower strains Corn Rose and Million Dollar Baby by Medizin, could be mixed together to create a great flavor and effect combination. Though the effects of these two strains tend to produce a balance of relaxation and stimulation for the mind, the intensity of their smell and taste could be a delightful, enhanced experience for the consumer.
  • Sour Diesel & Banana OG Kush: When blended together, these two THC-dominant cannabis strains, Sour Diesel and Banana OG Kush, tend to create a memorably, intense experience for the consumers. It could give both the body and mind a very deep relaxation effect, which could potentially help alleviate anxiety and help encourage a euphoric experience.
  • Chloe & Presidential Kush: Presidential Kush, a pure Indica, when mixed with the strong sativa Chloe, produces a unique heady effect that’s soothing, yet stimulating at the same time. This combination could encourage ultimate relaxation that is quite comforting.

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