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Cannabis consumption has come a long way over the past few years. Today, people are using CBD for all sorts of medical benefits that have been backed by multiple studies. With more studies advocating the use and benefits of cannabis, manufacturers have tapped into different ways of consumption in pursuit of catering to a broader market.

Previously, vaping was among the most common methods of cannabis consumption. This method was later accompanied in popularity by several other products including edibles, concentrates, and tinctures. Today, users are no longer limited to vaporizers or edibles – customers can now consume sublinguals for a better cannabis consumption experience altogether.

This article is a brief guide on everything you need to know about sublingual cannabis.

cannabis leaf and tincture

What Are Sublinguals?

Sublingual consumption refers to the method of consuming cannabis tincture by putting the medication under your tongue. Sublinguals are substances that are fit for this use. A lot of cannabis users are now opting for this method of use, especially if they have digestion issues.

In fact, sublingual consumption of cannabis-infused products is on a rise since 2018. This rise in sublingual consumption drove manufacturers to offer sublingual cannabis on their menu. Today, cannabis dispensaries like Planet 13 are offering sublingual cannabis in a variety of forms like tinctures, tablets, sprays, and strips.

The extensive range of benefits sublingual cannabis brings to the table is among the core reasons behind its growing popularity.

Studies around sublingual consumption have concluded that it is among the most effective ways to get CBD or THC into your bloodstream. There are other benefits of sublingual cannabis consumption as well.

Better utilization

When you consume cannabis orally, inhale it, or use other ways of consumption, a significant portion of the original compound is wasted in the process before it reaches your blood. It means that the effects of CBD are reduced by a significant margin by the time it reaches your body.

On the other hand, sublingual cannabis is dissolved in your blood efficiently with little to no loss of compound, allowing you to truly benefit from the effects of cannabis.

It saves your money

Whether you get your cannabis from the biggest dispensary in Vegas or get it from one around the corner, you are paying from your hard-earned money. If you are unable to utilize the product to the full extent, it would be a waste of money.

When you use cannabis through edibles, it first enters your stomach which leads to degradation due to the presence of acids.

Sublingual cannabis ensures that you get to consume your product with its chemical compound intact. It enables your body to absorb the compound and directly enter the bloodstream without compromising on constituents of cannabis.

It takes lesser time to dissolve

Sublingual cannabis is also gaining traction among users due to the fact that it takes less time to reach the bloodstream as compared to other means of consumption. It is because we have a thin gland under our tongues that quickly absorbs the product and directly enables it to enter the bloodstream.

In this method, it takes less than a minute for the compounds to reach your blood, allowing you to experience the benefits of cannabis consumption quickly. You can put it to the test by heading over to a dispensary near Las Vegas strip and ordering your sublingual cannabis today.

Administration is easier

A lot of people have trouble swallowing pills. Pill aversion deters their ability to consume all sorts of pills, let alone cannabis edibles in capsule form. 

Sublingual cannabis removes this hassle entirely as it doesn’t require users to swallow. Instead, they can simply place the product under their tongue and enjoy the effects and benefits of cannabis.

Which Cannabis Products Can Be Used Sublingually?

There are four main types of cannabis products that can be used sublingually:

Planet 13 Product with leaves background


These are concentrated liquids that are prepared with either of the two as the base ingredient – alcohol and oil. While alcohol-based solutions take less time to dissolve sublingually, the concentrations based on oil take slightly more time to come into full effect. Planet 13 is considered the best Vegas dispensary that offers cannabis tinctures in Nevada.

Tablets (manufactured for sublingual consumption)

Edible cannabis is among the common ways in which users consume cannabis. However, some tablets are also manufactured for sublingual use.


Cannabis sprays are composed of a solvent like oil or alcohol and mixed with the cannabis extract to create a solution, which is sprayed under the tongue.


This is yet another popular product on the market. Manufacturers have developed tiny films of cannabis that are simply put under the tongue for consumption. The strip sticks to the thin membrane under your tongue and dissolves within a few minutes.

young woman taking cannabis tincture

Consuming Cannabis Sublingually

The process of sublingual cannabis consumption may seem simple, but a lot of people still end up making mistakes that plummet their overall experience. The following are a few common mistakes you should avoid while consuming sublingual cannabis:

  • You should let the solution, strip, or tablet rest under the tongue for a few minutes before you start experiencing the difference.
  • In the case of sublingual strips, make sure you don’t talk as it will cause the strip to unstick from the membrane and impede a good cannabis consumption experience.
  • Avoid consuming any food or beverage at least 15 to 20 minutes after consuming cannabis sublingually.

Visit a Largest Cannabis Dispensary to Get Sublingual Cannabis

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