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Cannabis has been cited as a medically beneficial plant for a variety of illnesses, which has led to its legal status in most states across the U.S. However, a 2019 study has concluded that a lot of people are allergic to cannabis, which means that consuming products derived from this plant may in turn be harmful to people with cannabis allergies.

But, how do you know if you are allergic to cannabis or not?

This article contains all the information you need to identify if you suffer from cannabis allergy, followed by the different symptoms, causes, and risks associated with allergic patients.

What Is Causing the Allergy?

With the increased use of recreational and medical cannabis, cases of people having allergic reactions to the use of this plant have also been on a rise. Normally, allergic reactions are caused by plant pollens which hover in the environment and may travel distance by wind.

A study found that pollination reduced the yield of THC and CBD in cannabis by 56%. It is why pollinated or seeded crops are considered low-quality cannabis on the market. The purpose of stating this is that pollinated cannabis plants are avoided for two critical reasons:

  • To maintain the integrity of the critical cannabis compounds
  • To reduce pollen generation to avoid allergic reactions

However, this has led to another issue, the increased THC content in cannabis. When male and female plants are isolated to hinder pollination, this increases the THC levels in cannabis – which has already been suspected as a potential cannabis allergen.

In short, most trimmers are isolating male and female plants to allow the plant to yield better CBD and THC levels. This growth in THC levels may be one of the biggest factors why we are witnessing a rise in cannabis allergies.

How Do I Know I Have an Allergic Reaction to Cannabis?

Cannabis allergy is similar to allergies caused by pollen. It means that the symptoms of a potential reaction from the cannabis plant may include:

  • Fever
  • Runny nose
  • Burning eyes
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Sneezing
  • Congestion

If consuming cannabis leads to any of the above-mentioned conditions, you may be allergic to cannabis compounds which is why you should always consult a reliable cannabis dispensary, like the Planet 13 cannabis entertainment complex, for guidance.

Depending on the severity of your condition, you may also face dry skin, rashes, or itchiness as a potential allergic reaction to cannabis – make sure you take these signs seriously and halt your cannabis consumption until you find the root cause of these irritations.

While it may be considerably simpler to identify the root cause of an allergy post-cannabis consumption, here’s where it gets a bit trickier – evidence suggests that cannabis may be airborne. It means that there is a chance that you may have a cannabis allergy even if you have never consumed cannabis.

Allergies can also be caused through cross-reaction. For example, if you are allergic to bananas, consuming cannabis may cross-react triggering the above-mentioned symptoms. Researchers are also looking into a potential association between cannabis allergy and mites, cat dander, and mold, believing that mites, cat dander, and mold may also lead to allergy from cannabis.  

Why Cannabis Allergies May Be Dangerous?

Trimmers are increasingly trying to avoid pollination of cannabis plants to ensure the production of high-quality cannabis. However, several growers still work with seeded plants, which may be exposing the environment to pollens. Increased exposure in such an environment may lead to sensitization.

In fact, sensitization of cannabis has increased since the legalization of this plant, which is causing the number of cannabis-allergic patients to increase over time. 

Even if trimmers continue to grow high-quality cannabis avoiding pollination, the resulting increase in the cannabis-allergen—which is THC—will continue to expose users and non-users to potential cannabis allergy.

In simpler words, whether male and female plants are grown together, or trimmers grow female cannabis plants in isolation, the plant will continue to cause allergies one way (by producing pollens) or the other (increasing THC content). Either of these can trigger a person’s sensitivity to cannabis.

Diagnostic Tests

If you believe that exposure to cannabis is causing allergies in your body, there is a simple way your doctor may identify it. In this procedure, your skin is exposed to a minimal amount of any substance (an allergen). In case your body responds with any of the symptoms mentioned in this article, you may be allergic to that particular substance.

You may also undergo blood tests like the immunoCAP test that may identify your allergies to a particular substance.

Avoiding Potential Allergic Reactions

If you are identified as allergic to cannabis, it is best to avoid consuming it or being in a vicinity where a cannabis-based product is being consumed. You should continue to avoid exposure to cannabis until your allergy subsides – we recommend taking expert advice on this from a licensed doctor and our experienced staff will help in any way they can to meet your needs at the best Vegas dispensary – Planet 13.

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