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Best Cannabis Strains to Try in 2022

By January 18, 2022November 17th, 2022No Comments
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The year 2021 has been quite progressive for the US cannabis industry. A lot has happened, from more states legalizing and revisiting cannabis laws, to bills that ignite hope for federal cannabis legalization in the near future; this has been a prolific year for cannabis.

Now that 2022 is in full swing, users across the US are making resolutions to broaden their cannabis experience and try out new strains. If you are also looking forward to experimenting with new strains, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we have listed a few of the best strains that cannabis enthusiasts plan to try in 2022 – take your pick and broaden your cannabis exposure!

This hybrid strain combines Strawberry Cough, East Coast Sour Diesel, and Sour Bubble. Avid users often opt for this strain’s extract since it is high in resin and very effective in providing relief from a full-body strain. Medizin’s Sour Strawberry Kush contains 15% THC that offers decent psychoactive effects, and is dominated by the Myrcene terpene that leaves the user feeling energized and uplifted. If your daily routine is tiring, give this strain a try to relax after the daily hustle.


L+V Chem Breath 3.5g Prepack

This product by Leaf and Vine is another hybrid, containing 21.9% THC and about 0.05% CBD. It is yet another great strain to opt for if you seek a happy and soothing effect. This strain is dominated by the Limonene terpene (8.25mg/g), providing users with a citrusy and herbal aroma. This pre-pack also contains Beta-Caryophyllene (2.21mg/g), Alpha-Pinene (1.54mg/g), and Beta-Pinene (2.21mg/g) terpenes that amplify the overall effects of this strain.



If you want to consume cannabis with strong flavors while enjoying mild psychoactive effects, Chunkberry is what you’re looking for. It contains 18.92% THC, and provides a signature combination of earthy and apricot aromas. In addition, the strain looks particularly beautiful in its leaf form with purple tones, and offers users the perfect balance of flavor and function, thanks to its heavy OG lineage. In short, Chunkberry by Bohemian Brothers is a must-try hybrid cannabis strain in 2022.


Trendi KushCO OG HR 3.5g Prepack

When it comes to a premium experience, the KushCO OG strain is something you must not miss out on. It contains 20.86% THC, which provides a great psychoactive buzz for relaxation. The strain is dominated by Beta-Caryophyllene (2.96mg/g) and Beta-Myrcene (2.66mg/g) terpenes that help amplify the psychoactive effects while offering several therapeutic benefits like pain and inflammation relief. If you haven’t tried it yet, 2022 should be the year you experience the brilliance of Trendi’s KushCo OG HR 3.5g Prepack.


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