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Anyone who has visited the Las Vegas strip in recent years knows Planet 13 is the best Vegas Dispensary for cannabis. Planet 13’s dispensary near the Las Vegas Strip is now a favored stop for many people passing through the city. The Planet 13 experience is something visitors often recommend, and this has generated interest in other cities about what Planet 13’s cannabis entertainment complexes have to offer. 

Planet 13 Is Bringing Its Cannabis Entertainment Complex To Florida

After opening up cannabis entertainment complexes in Orange County and gearing up to touch down in windy city, the people in the state of  Florida can now too experience everything that Planet 13 has to offer. The Planet 13 website has a listing of all the cannabis and cannabis derivative products available online and soon to open dispensaries in Florida. From simple to luxury, Planet 13 has it all and even provides handy guides on what to try. 

The advent of Planet 13 in Florida is now possible thanks to the acquisition of their license to operate as a Medical Cannabis Treatment Center. The Florida Department of Health issued the license, and the acquisition cost was reported to be 55 million USD.

These dispensaries are essentially the same as the Las Vegas dispensaries in terms of the services they provide. They are also the only businesses authorized to provide cannabis to certified patients and caregivers. Furthermore, the license allows these businesses to cultivate, process, transport, and dispense cannabis and cannabis derivative products. 

Why Florida?

The big question is why Florida was chosen as the next stop on Planet 13’s expansion across the US. The Co-CEO of Planet 13, Larry Scheffler, elaborated on this question and said that Florida had been a market that Planet 13 had been wanting to enter. Florida, with over 20 million residents and 130 million annual visitors, is an incredibly large market. Scheffler further expanded on why Florida was chosen, and why this acquisition was made. The company has been a leading brand for cannabis entertainment complexes and dispensaries. This license allows them to start building their brand before the transition to adult-use that goes into effect in Florida. 

This new license and freedom to operate in Florida will benefit the brand both short-term and long-term in capturing the market. The people of Florida will finally experience what people are talking about when they refer to Planet 13 as the largest dispensary in Las Vegas. 

Visit A Planet 13 Location Today

In the meantime, until Planet 13 opens its dispensaries and cannabis entertainment complexes in Florida, you can visit the website or store in Vegas and try out their products. They offer takeaway and even delivery as long as it is allowed per your State Laws.  

Planet 13 is the industry leader with experience in handling cannabis in an innovative and professional way. Visit Planet 13 online to check out all of the products the dispensary has to offer, or come into one of the Planet 13 locations to experience cannabis like never before!

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