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Planet 13 continues to grow as the leading cannabis entertainment complex in Nevada. For years, this Las Vegas strip dispensary has been a go-to destination for users to buy top-quality cannabis strains and products. The venue is spread across a staggering 55,000 sq. ft, where you will find just about everything a cannabis enthusiast may desire.

Planet 13 has strived to continuously keep its prices both fair and competitive, holding its top spot as the best Vegas dispensary. What sets this venue apart from others is its ambiance and environment like no other. Which has often ignited curiosity among crowds—cannabis users and non-users often visit Planet 13’s Las Vegas complex just to take a tour of the premium interior. 

With such enormous success, it was only a matter of time before Planet 13 extended its growth into new communities!

Planet 13 Comes to California

California houses the largest cannabis market to date in the US, with sales reaching $4.4 billion in 2020. For the largest cannabis entertainment complex in the US, this state is an excellent home for Planet 13 to settle into.

Although the project has been in the pipeline for a while, Planet 13 finally announced the launch of another entertainment complex in Orange County, California, and opened its doors on July 1, 2021, in Santa Ana.

Planet 13 creates a massive footprint in California by erecting its contemporary structure on 55,000 sq. ft. of dedicated land, establishing it as the second-largest dispensary in the nation behind their Nevada-based flagship in Las Vegas. 

A High-Tech Facility

The new facility introduces a vibrant new atmosphere as a more contemporary facility with high-tech design and equipment to provide an even more exclusive feel to the complex. For example, when visiting Planet 13 Orange County, customers witness massive immersive screens and effects as soon as they step through the front doors.

The digital floor at the entrance makes it feel as if you are walking on the ocean with sand beneath your feet. You will also find a massive screen (80 ft) digital wall of the waterfall, adding an almost surreal ecosystem to the experience. As the fully interactive projected visuals surround you and come down to the ground, you can pass through it, making you feel as if you’re passing through the waterfall.

The mesmerizing screen displays are only the beginning, visitors at Planet 13 Orange County by the huge 16-foot octopus on the campus, and a ceiling built out of vibrant colorful umbrellas. Visitors can then hop into the VW surfer van to stop to take a few selfies before continuing their tour. 

The Dispensary

The co-owner of Planet 13, Bob Groesbeck, said that California was and still is a great market for cannabis due to notable demand and extraordinary sales. He said that the new complex packs the vibe of California within. He is hopeful that leaping into a state with the sturdiest cannabis sector will prove to be a brilliant move for 2021 and the years to come.

In a P13 press release, Bob Groesbeck shared that the Orange County complex shares appreciable inspiration from the Las Vegas superstore. He went on to state,

“… with today’s announcement, we look forward to offering consumers the Planet 13 retail experience, blended into the fabric of California.”

The Future of Planet 13 Santa Ana

As of now, Planet 13’s dispensary will be the only destination operational where you will find all the above-mentioned features fused with an expansive menu of cannabis products. Plans are also underway on opening a cannabis consumption lounge as soon as the state laws permit it—the lawmakers are already headed in the right direction.

Another plan revealed by co-owner Groesbeck is to develop transparent manufacturing processes on the premises. The idea is to take users on a tour of how Planet 13 uses its unparalleled expertise to develop top-grade cannabis products at its locations.

Bob Groesbeck also talked about how the largest cannabis dispensary in California will create a lot of job opportunities in the state’s cannabis sector. It currently houses approximately 250 employees already – the number is expected to grow as the establishments expand further. Larry Scheffler – the CEO of the Planet 13 chain – proudly embraces his team and the work they have put in, with extensive plans for the future ahead. 

Visit Planet 13 Orange County, California Today!

Our new Planet 13 cannabis entertainment complex in Orange County, California, is open and operational now. So, head on over to the largest dispensary in California today for an experience like no other!

If you’re in Nevada, you can visit our dispensary near the Las Vegas strip, or place your order online for delivery or curbside pickup. Our budtenders will be more than happy to help with all your cannabis needs!