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Fall is around the corner, and cannabis lovers are making the most of poolside barbeques before the summer season ends. What better way to end the summer than in the comfort of your own backyard. So kick up your feet, lay by the pool, and let us introduce some of our favorite strains to enjoy poolside!  

With this guide, we hope to help both avid cannabis enthusiasts and new users who may be looking for something new or different to try as they lay by the pool. While exploring options, take a second to consider what type of strain may best suit your tastes, or what you may enjoy most as you grab some snacks and plan your pool day. 

Here are our five top cannabis strains we think you should definitely try by the poolside before the summer ends

(Before we get into it, remember that public consumption of cannabis is illegal by law, consumption should occur while at a private residence pool.) 

Blueberry Syrup

This strain is an exotic indica dominant hybrid with a sweet berry-like taste and piney smell. Blueberry Syrup was created by crossing Cherry Pie Kush and Blueberry. Some potential effects that users have reported include feelings of relaxation, blissfulness, ease of mind, and relief. Effects of this strain are known to begin with an elevated sense of euphoria that slowly fades into a more relaxing body buzz, similar to drinking a nice glass of wine. 

Blueberry Syrup is characterized by a terpene profile dominant in BetaMyrcene, a big factor in that relaxing, laid-back feeling. As well, that earthy sweetness comes a lot from the AlphaPinene and the Linalool. 

We suggest trying the Blueberry Syrup shatter, a staff-favorite concentrate. This strain is grown exclusively for Planet 13 by Medizin, an award-winning cultivation team, to ensure consistent freshness. Order Blueberry Syrup from our menu online today! 

Collins Ave

Another favorite strain to try and enjoy by the poolside is Collins Ave. This strain is more of a balanced hybrid that gives off an aroma similar to a tart cream, much like greek yogurt. Many say it provides a taste described as a citrusy sweet cream. Potential effects reported usually include more happy, relaxing, and uplifting feelings. A great strain to stimulate the mind during a summer pool day. 

Collins Ave is characterized by a terpene profile of AlphaPinene, BetaCaryophyllene, BetaMyrcene, Limonene, and Linalool. This particular strain has been known to help medical patients relieve symptoms of chronic anxiety. 

It’s definitely a must-try for those looking for a new hybrid strain. We suggest giving the Collin’s Ave pre-roll by Cookies a try, a great and convenient choice to enjoy at home by the pool. This strain is available at Planet 13 Las Vegas, order your Collins Ave online today. 

Lemon Rose

Third on our list of strains to enjoy by your pool would have to be Lemon Rose. This strain is also a hybrid, full of terpenes such as BetaCaryophyllene, BetaMyrcene, BetaPinene, and Limonene. Containing CBN, the strain may also provide effective relaxation effects, even potentially feelings of sedation and sleep aid as it is high in Myrcene. It’s a great choice for those that are just planning on kicking their feet up and laying out in the sun. For added convenience, we suggest trying the Lemon Rose in the Live Resin Cartridge. With the elegant feel of a vape combined with the sweet smell of floral lemon, it’s sure to make any backyard pool day feel like an all-inclusive resort getaway. A perfect addition to your private poolside party, order Lemon Rose online through Planet 13 Las Vegas today!

Banana OG

Another one of our favorite picks for a fun-filled evening by the poolside is none other than the popular Banana OG strain. This is an indica-dominant cross of OG Kush and Banana. It’s a strain that’s easily identifiable and rightly earns its name with a smell and flavor resemblant of a banana. 

In addition to the potent psychoactive effects, many report feelings of bliss, relaxation, sleep aid, and pain relief. Banana OG’s terpene profile is full of AlphaPinene, BetaPinene, and Limonene. The Banana OG shatter by Medizin is definitely a favorite.  Get your Banana OG online through our Las Vegas menu.


Last up on our list of great strains to enjoy by the pool is none other than Bellini. Lovers of this strain have mentioned its similarity to a Bellini cocktail, only one you can vape. With just the amount of peach flavor, this hybrid organic strain lights up any pool day with aromas of citrus. Bellini is known to leave you with just the right amount of mellow buzz, great for relieving stress. 

The Bellini cartridge by Rove is an all-time favorite, proving to be very portable and convenient while providing a quality experience. Order Bellini today

Where to Find These Strains and More? 

We’ve got you covered with our variety of incredible strains in stock at the largest cannabis dispensary near the Las Vegas Strip, Planet 13. We have a staff full of knowledgeable and experienced budtenders on board to help you choose the perfect cannabis strains to enjoy on your pool day! Visit our store today or place your order online! We offer incredible in-store, curbside pickup, and delivery services to fit all your cannabis needs.