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You must have heard about dabbing, especially if you are a THC fanatic. Nevertheless, you may haven’t tried it yet and want the best first experience. A quick hint? The key to a perfect dab is optimal temperature, accurate timing, and efficient technique. 

It can appear pretty complex, but rest assured that it’s not. But what makes it easier? Knowing all the ins and outs of the cannabis dabbing process. 

In this blog, we will walk you through all the common questions people ask regarding cannabis dabs.

How to take a Dab?

Dabbing is entirely different from smoking. The stuff you’re consuming is much more concentrated, which is why dabbing tools are also different. 

The standard way to take a dab is to heat the nail to a certain temperature and then use a dabber tool to apply the dab directly to the nail. The next step is to start inhaling. Finally, finish off the hit with a carb cap. 

If you want to enjoy a dab, you can use tools such as dib rigs, vaporizers, nectar collectors, and electric nails.

Types of Dabs

There are three different methods for taking a dab. If you’re looking for a method that suits you, here are the options you can explore.

  • As per the standard method, the nail or any surface is heated to a particular temperature before adding the concentrate to it. 
  • In a different method called the Cold Start Dabbing, the concentrate is added to the surface while it’s still cold. 
  • Finally, the third method, called Slurper or Terp Slurper, a unique banger (also known as TerpSlurper), plays a key role in dabbing. 

How hot does a Dab Rig need to be?

Heating the Dab Rig to the optimal temperature is crucial for a great dabbing experience. So, the ideal temperature that suits most dabs is 545-570°F. At this temperature, you can extract just the right amount of flavor, essence, and potency without ruining the dab. 

However, if you’re looking to capture the maximum flavor then 350°F would be the best temperature. In any case, if you wish to escape the heating hassle, e-rigs or e-nails are a great choice. 

How long should you heat a Dab Rig?

The time for heating the dab rig can vary depending on the physical traits of the rig (e.g., thickness, quality, etc.). Ideally, you should be heating the dab rig for about 30 seconds and then let it cool for less than a minute. Around 45 to 50 seconds is a good cooling time. 

Is live Resin the same as Dabs?

Live resin is not at all the same as dabs. Apart from the difference in terpenes, there is a key difference between the two. 

Traditional dabs are made from dried, cured, and ground cannabis buds. Live resin, on the other hand, is created using marijuana flowers that are freshly harvested. 

How to use a glass Dab Banger?

You can easily use the glass dab banger by following these few simple and easy steps:

  1. Fill the rig’s chamber with water and use a torch to heat it till its red.
  2. When the banger is hot, let it cool for about 40 to 45 seconds
  3. Add the wax to the banger and use the mouthpiece to inhale it slowly.
  4. Using a carb cap, cover the dab, finish inhaling, and exhale the vapors. 

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