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The fact that cannabis can be used for both recreational and medicinal purposes makes it a widely used drug in the United States and beyond. Numerous reports by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggest that approximately 3 in 10 people consume cannabis in the United States. This roughly translates to around 94 million people in the United States. 

Green cannabis cigars

One of the reasons why cannabis use is extremely widespread is the fact that cannabis products come in numerous forms, giving you a wide palette to choose from. Some common forms of cannabis products include tinctures, sprays, edibles, vape pens, and cannabis cigars

Smoking cannabis is one of the most common methods of consuming cannabis. Numerous reviews by archaeologists and scientists suggest that cannabis smoking is a practice that has been going on for the past 3,000 years. Most cannabis users prefer this method since the effects are instantaneous, and thus it results in an almost immediate high. In addition, for those who use cannabis for medical purposes, smoking is an effective method of consuming cannabis since it quickly alleviates any pain or stress you may be experiencing. 

If you or a loved one have settled on smoking as your preferred method of cannabis consumption, then you should certainly try cannabis cigars. What are cannabis cigars, and what do they entail? Below is a brief elucidation of everything you need to know about cannabis cigars. 

Cannabis Cigars: What are they?

Also known as cannagars, cannabis cigars are packed with numerous cannabis products, including cannabis flowers and cannabis leaves. Typically, the cannabis flower is wrapped in the cannabis leaves and mixed with other cannabis-rich extracts. Although it sounds like a simple process, the truth is that making cannabis cigars is an extremely intricate and demanding process. However, once the technique is well mastered, you can even make cannabis cigars from the comfort of your home.

Cannabis cigar

How to Make Cannabis Cigars: The Process

It is fundamental for you to note that the first step in making a cannabis cigar is ensuring that you have all the necessary equipment and ingredients available. Some of the fundamental components used for making cannabis cigars include the following:

  • Cannabis leaves: Because of their broader shape, numerous experts opine that leaves from the Cannabis Indica strain are the best when it comes to making cannabis cigars. However, if you don’t have access to them, you may use leaves from other cannabis strains. 
  • Cannabis flower: Noteworthy is the fact that the cannabis flower you choose will undoubtedly determine the type of cannagar you will have- in terms of the characteristics and effects. Typically, the most important quality the flower you choose should possess is stickiness. This is because the stickier the flower, the higher the chances of your cigar staying well put and packed together. That said, when choosing a flower for your cannabis cigar, you are free to choose from whichever cannabis strain you wish. Once you decide, ensure that you set aside approximately 4 to 10 grams of cannabis flower for your cigar and remove the stems
  • Cannabis oil: Typically, the cannabis oil you choose will significantly impact the taste of your cannabis cigar. Similarly, cannabis oil is fundamental since it ensures that all ingredients firmly stick together and that there is an even burn. 

Once you have assembled all the requisite ingredients, then you may proceed to make your cannabis cigar.

Step One: Make the Core

The cannabis cigar core is an integral part of the cigar since it forms the foundation for the whole cigar. Oftentimes, the core is usually compressed and hollow to allow for easy airflow throughout the cigar. 

As you mold your cannabis cigar core, it is fundamental for you to insert a skewer in the middle since this helps with air circulation. While making your cigar core, ensure that you add your cannabis flower tightly into the mold. Once this is done, you may add some cannabis oil to ensure that the mold firmly sticks together.

Step Two: Let it Sit. 

After your cannabis cigar mold is well packed, you should let it sit for a few hours in a cool, dry place. This should be done for a minimum of 3 hours and a maximum of up to 2 days. That said, it is fundamental for you to note that the longer the mold sits, the better your cannabis cigar will turn out. 

Step Three: Rolling

Typically, a cannagar mold is rolled using cannabis fan leaves. After destemming the cannabis leaves, you should proceed to wrap them around the cigar core slowly. Ensure that you wrap them in at least two layers to ensure that all the contents are well intact and put together. 

Once the wrapping is complete, you should let the cannabis cigar sit in a cool, dry place for approximately seven days. This is essential since it allows time for extra chlorophyll and moisture to depart from the leaves, resulting in better smoke. 

Where Can You Buy Cannabis Cigars?

Like other cannabis products, you can easily purchase cannabis cigars from dispensaries and online stores. If you reside in a state where both medical and recreational cannabis use is legal, then any person over the age of 21 can freely purchase cannabis cigars. However, if you live in a state that only allows the use of medicinal cannabis, then it is fundamental for you to acquire a state-issued medical cannabis card in order to purchase a cannabis cigar and other cannabis products.

Final Thoughts

If you or a loved one are interested in trying out cannabis cigars, then do not hesitate to contact us today. At Planet 13 Las Vegas, we provide our clients with quality cannabis cigars to ensure you enjoy your cannabis experience fully. In addition, besides cannabis cigars, we also provide other cannabis products such as edibles, topicals, tinctures, and vape pens, thus giving you a variety of products to choose from.
That said, feel free to contact us today and learn more about cannabis cigars and other cannabis products.