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Live resin is one of the most popular cannabis concentrates among experienced consumers. It is extracted from high-THC flower and is known for its distinct aroma and flavor. Live resin is a good choice if you’re looking to upgrade your elevated experience from flower or even normal resin. Below, we are going to talk a bit more about what live resin is and what makes it good.

What is Live Resin?

Cannabis concentrates are differentiated by their complete extraction of THC, textures and consistencies. Live resin sits somewhere between a wax and a sauce, and like other concentrates, is glossy and sticky, so a dab tool is essential for its handling. 

In terms of color, you’ll typically find live resin to be a dark, almost-orangey yellow. However, it can vary between that dark yellow to a light yellow or even white. Live resin is sought after for its intense flavors and very high potency, which is attained by a more unique extraction method. 

How is it Made?

As the name suggests, live resin is made from fresh cannabis frozen at the time of harvest. While the process is similar to resin, here is the key distinction: Both processes use butane, a hydrocarbon solvent that isolates and gathers the resin, but Live resin does not go through the standard process of drying and cutting. 

Live resin is derived by freezing the cannabis plant right after being cut down and is kept frozen throughout the extraction processes as well. In this way, the trichomes that contain terpenes are preserved, thus retaining the original flavor and aroma of the cannabis plant for the final product. This contributes to a higher terpene profile than regular resin, making it a highly (rimshot) sought-after concentrate for experienced users. 

How Is Live Resin Different?

Live resin can offer several therapeutic and recreational benefits for recreational and medical consumers. The THC levels in the live resin can go up to 90%, releasing much higher levels of THC in your body. 

It’s also distinct in its flavor: No two live resin products will have the same flavor, unless they are the same strain. The individual taste of the live resin you get also depends on the terpene content of that product. For instance, if you get a live resin with a high pinene concentration, it can have an earthy, woody flavor as pinene is a terpene responsible for pine’s aroma. 

Live resins can also differ in consistency quite a bit. While they generally lie between wax and sauce, some can be more like jelly, sap, or sugar.

Cured vs. Live Resin

Live resin also differs from cured resin. The main difference between the two concentrates is the material from which it is made. While live resin is made from frozen cannabis plants that is kept frozen throughout extraction; cured resin is made from dried plant material. 

Is Live Resin Good? Is it a Good Concentrate?

For its elevated effects, rich flavor, texture and beautiful aroma, Live resin is an exceptional choice for cannabis concentrates: It is well-liked by both growers and consumers. Since fresh, frozen cannabis plants are used for its extraction, the original flavor profile contained in trichomes and terpenes is kept intact as much as possible.  

Growers like producing plants specifically for resin as well, since it eliminates the time-consuming process of drying, trimming and cutting plants. Plants can be directly chopped down, frozen and sent for extraction saving time, labor and money.If you want to try out live resin, order yours today from a Planet13 dispensary near you. You can buy it from our store at any time of the day while curbside pickup and delivery is available between 9 am and 12 am.