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When you think of the benefits of cannabis, most people consider the medical effects and how the plant can assist with many different illnesses. Either that or they think about the way in which cannabis from a Las Vegas dispensary can calm their mind and provide some relief from anxiety or depression. However, a new study from researchers at Stanford University suggests there is a link between marijuana use and an increased sex drive. Indeed, the specialists now believe that cannabis can increase your libido and result in more sexual activity for users than the average non-cannabis user in the population. Considering that, we’re going to let you know the ins and outs of the research today.

What did the study uncover?

The study monitored no less than 50,000 sexually-active adults over the course of fourteen years. There were both men and women in the experiment, and some of them did not use pot on a daily basis. The researchers discovered that men who used marijuana frequently would have sex around 1.3 times more every month that participants who refrained from consuming cannabis. The average number of sexual encounters for non-cannabis users is 5.6 times every thirty days, but cannabis consumers have sex about 6.9 times in most instances. Women who smoke cannabis have sex one time more per months than those who don’t. The average frequency of sexual activity for women is around six times per month, and those who use marijuana will have sex seven times.

A quote from one of the head researchers stated the team could find no link between cannabis use and a decreased libido. He said that marijuana does not inhibit sexual function in any way, and it often creates the opposite effects. Anyone who wants to read the study and findings in full can do so by getting hold of a copy of October 2017’s Journal of Sexual Medicine. You can find all the links you need to follow online. Just type the term into Google and check out some of the results.

Why did the study take place?

Stanford urology resident Andrew J. Sun and assistant professor of urology, Michael Eisenberg claim the research is essential at the current time due to the increase in US citizens who travel to liberal states and smoke Las Vegas marijuana. It’s only right that doctors, scientists, and other professionals should conduct experiments to gain a better insight into the effects the plant has on individuals and society as a whole. In the past, it was challenging to raise funding for such experiments because the drug was considered illegal. Thankfully, that is changing in many parts of the country, and so experts now find it much easier to gain access to the materials they require, and the money they need to research the most impressive qualities of the plant.

So, why does cannabis use lead to a better sex life?

While some past studies have associated cannabis use with erectile dysfunction, this new information suggests the opposite. Indeed, rather than producing effects that make it more likely the individual will engage in sexual activity, marijuana seems to limit any negative issues that could prevent those people from getting undressed and having fun under the sheets. As urology resident Andrew J. Sun stated, cannabis will not automatically lead to more sex. If that were the case, anyone who works at a Las Vegas cannabis dispensary would need a bodyguard to keep them safe. It’s just that marijuana can remove inhibitions, and it can also prevent some of the mental challenges that might stop someone from enjoying some naked time with their loved one or one-night-stand.

Marijuana can also increase sensitivity, and that means people are more likely to feel sexually aroused when they brush up against or spend time with someone they fancy. That is especially the case when it comes to female marijuana users according to a study conducted by an ObGyn practice in 2016.

With all that information to hand; you should now have a better understanding of the latest study and what its result means in real terms. When all’s said and done, there are thousands of factors that could affect your sex drive and how often you feel like engaging in sexual activity. While cannabis is not a guaranteed aphrodisiac, the research suggests there is a correlation between people who smoke it and those who enjoy a healthy and regular sex life. So the next time your significant other says you can skip a trip to your favorite Las Vegas dispensary, just remind them that it’s putting work in towards having a healthier, happier relationship. 🙂