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If you’ve ever spent time with people who enjoy visiting Las Vegas dispensaries, or any other state’s dispensaries for that matter; you’ve probably noticed that people who consume lots of cannabis tend to laugh more than the average human. That tends to make non-smokers feel like cannabis damages the brain in some way and turns smokers back into toddlers. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. As research shows time and time again, it’s difficult to identify any adverse consequences of smoking the herb, and so there must be some other reason, right? Well, this post should help to set the record straight once and for all. Today, we’re going to take a look at why cannabis makes you laugh using logic and reason.

Why do people laugh?

Before we can work out why marijuana from Las Vegas dispensaries, and dispensaries all over the country make people laugh, it’s vital we consider the nature of humor and what it’s all about. So, why do non-potheads laugh? Well, even the best and most knowledgeable neuroscientists in the world still debate that question. Laughing uses lots of different areas of the brain that deal with motor function, memory, and auditory interpretation. It’s a reflex that your body produces when you encounter particular stimuli and the way laughing works relates extensively to personal experiences, cultural sensitivities, and social context.

Medical scans show activity in the frontal lobes and cerebral cortex of the brain, and they are the same areas in which we see spikes of life when people smoke cannabis. So, it stands to reason that there is a scientific connection between marijuana and getting the giggles.

Cannabis stimulates the same areas as laughter

MRI scans show that people who enjoy spending their free cash at dispensaries will often activate the same areas of their brain they use when laughing. It’s not any stretch of the imagination to see that causes users to find things slightly funnier than most straight people. Scientists believe that overactivity in those locations of the brain can lead to an increased sensitivity to anything the individual might associate with humor. In future studies, the experts hope to look into the association between increased blood flow in those parts of the brain and how that collates to laughter produced by the cannabis smoker. However, that is something for which we will have to wait.

Cannabis lifts the mood of users

Another reason marijuana makes people laugh uncontrollably relates to the substance’s mood-lifting effects. People who feel sad or depressed will always struggle to find something funny. So, they will laugh less than most of the other folks in the population. The opposite is true for those who smoke the plant all the time. Cannabis is known to lift your mood and provide some relief from mental health issues. So, it makes sense that people under the influence of THC won’t have to try as hard as most to find something hilarious. That is because their minds are not full of worry or anxiety.

Laughing is always contagious

Have you ever sat in a room full of people laughing your socks off for no reason? That tends to happen when you encounter other people who see or hear something funny and fall into fits of hysterics. Like it or not, laughing is contagious regardless of whether you choose to consume cannabis from a Las Vegas dispensary or not. With that in mind, and then you consider that most potheads have friends who also love to smoke, it becomes apparent that socially-contagious laughter might play a role in the situation. When one cannabis enthusiast sees or hears something funny, their pals will often laugh alongside them even if they don’t understand the cause of the humor. That is because listening to or watching someone laugh is often funnier than the joke itself.

Now you know some of the reasons cannabis makes you laugh, there is no need to stress about the prospect of you ending up in the same state as those actors in the 1950s propaganda film Reefer Madness. Times have changed, and our understanding of cannabis has progressed. Almost all medical experts now know that marijuana like that available from Las Vegas dispensaries is safe for all adults to consume. It is not going to affect your brain in any adverse ways, even if you sometimes act like a child and laugh at silly things. So, why not head down to your local dispensary now and kick back with a new strain? You probably need it after reading all the information in this post.

See you next time!