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Las Vegas is known for its iconic Strip, endless casinos, and some of the hottest weather in the country. We know that this warm weather has an impact on your skin. The air here gets very dry, which ends up making your skin feel pretty horrible and in need of some added moisture.

As the largest cannabis dispensary in Las Vegas, we have various products that can be used to relieve your dry skin problems. Our cannabis entertainment complex provides both THC and CBD topicals that offer exceptional benefits for your skin. So, if you’re one of the many people in Nevada that suffer from dry skin, here’s how you can relieve it with cannabis topicals.

Use CBD Topicals To Fight Inflammation

It’s a well-known fact that your skin is the largest organ in your body. As such, there are so many issues that can occur within it. At the heart of most skin problems is inflammation. This typically happens when your skin gets very dry, or you have red patches on it. So, if you can fight off inflammation, then you can relieve dry skin.

At our Las Vegas strip dispensary, we sell items such as Cannahemp’s CBD topical. Essentially, this is cream that contains CBD and is 100% safe to apply to your skin. As it happens, numerous studies prove CBD can reduce inflammation. When used as a cream, it can target specific areas such as dry skin!

Along with this, we find that CBD is very effective at improving the overall health of your skin and making it appear more plump and full. This is because it contains natural fatty acids like omega-6 and omega-3. Both of these things are essential for skin health, and they can improve the appearance of yours.

To make things even better, the products we sell at our Las Vegas dispensary will include something called gamma-linolenic acid. This is a fancy little substance which is known to help moisturize the skin. So, when you combine this with CBD, you have a topical cream that fights inflammation, provides essential fatty acids to your skin, and moisturizes it at the same time. In short, this is the perfect way to relieve dry skin.

Use THC Topicals To Speed Up The Healing Process

Have you ever wondered why your skin returns back to normal after you get a rash or a cut? It’s because this organ can essentially repair itself and look good as new. When you have a dry skin condition, then it’s hard for your skin to continuously repair itself. Especially when you factor in that the hot Las Vegas air keeps battering this organ and drying it out!

As such, we stock THC topicals from brands like Dixie. All of these topicals contain the cannabinoid THC, which is known to have antioxidants in it. When applied to your skin, these work overtime to help speed up the natural healing process. As a result, your dry skin can repair itself much quicker with regular use. We’re the first cannabis superstore and entertainment complex. This means we’re the go-to place if you want the highest quality CBD topicals and other THC topicals too. Rest assured we provide premium products that actually work.

How Do You Apply Cannabis Topicals?

A lot of our customers are used to using CBD and THC for more recreational purposes. So, they’re not sure how to apply the topicals from our Las Vegas dispensary.

The good news is that applying these topicals is very straightforward. First of all, make sure you target the afflicted areas. In this case, any parts of your body where dry skin is present. There’s no real need to cover your entire body as this will waste the cream and make it run out quickly.

Before you apply anything, make sure you clean the area thoroughly using antibacterial wipes or soaps. This ensures you get rid of any nasty stuff that’s lingering on there, and it helps the cannabis topicals work to their maximum effectiveness.

Dry the area and then apply a relatively generous amount of the solution to your dry skin. Rub it in until it’s completely absorbed, then wash your hands and let the cannabis topical do its thing!

At Planet 13, we run the best Vegas dispensary in the valley, which gives us plenty of experience in the world of cannabis topicals. We recommend you use a combination of CBD and THC topicals to get the best effect possible and cure your dry skin.